What Salesforce MapAnything means for Service

Apr 18, 2019

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Learn what Salesforce MapAnything means for Service. This article came about on the day that Salesforce bought MapAnything. Our consulting minds immediately went to work ‘How could this this purchase revolutionise Service delivery’? Here’s the answer.

It’s an excellent strategic move, as MapAnything integrates map-based visualization, asset tracking and route optimization to drive efficiency for field sales and service teams and deliver a better customer experience.

As we have seen from our Research study, Customer experience is now the number 1 differentiator for brand – more important than pricing and the actual products themselves.

With MapAnything, Salesforce can extend the power of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud post-closing to deliver superior location-based intelligence solutions. Salesforce using companies will be able to plan better: Plan: how many people they need, where to put them, how to make them as productive as possible, how to track what’s being done in real time and what they can learn to improve going forward. 

Result: greater productivity of your field sales and service staff, while realising superior customer success.

Mapping Functionality in Salesforce

Clients desire for mapping functionality is Salesforce is not new. As certified Salesforce consultants, we build maps into Salesforce already back in 2013. We had to use Google Maps into Salesforce. You needed a mash-up or iframe to display a Google map inside your lead, account or contact record. We were using this to calculate the mileage for expenses.

Fast forward to today: we have Google maps built into our orgs. Nice. However, they only relate to that specific record.

What’s next?

With the acquisition, MapAnything can be built right on top of the Salesforce platform. This allows for intelligent, seamless integration with everything in Salesforce. And will make ‘next best activities’ easy to see, visually, for sales and service staff. “Who else will be nearby their next sales / service appointment location? With this, they can optimise their time. Let’s say you are going to Manchester, while based in London. It takes several hours to travel to, and let’s assume you could be spending all day there. We are expecting that MapAnything in Salesforce will allow you to see which other leads and clients you should be visiting near that location as well.

Salesforce Artificial Intelligence & Maps

As the Salesforce platform is becoming more intelligent, I can envision a world whereby you will have these other leads/contacts ranked in importance to maximise the likelihood you will make your next sales target.

This may be a bit of a forward looking statement, however, it’s forward-thinking, it won’t be far away!

Salesforce Data Visualisation & Maps

MapAnything purchase also fits in with the clients’ increasing desire for data visualisation, and Salesforce strategic response to meet this market desire.

So, summing it all up: what does it mean for Service Delivery? Visualised solutions to maximise your service delivery efficiency and sales rep efficiency, and thus both improve your top and bottom line, with Salesforce.

See how this acquisition befits Salesforce’s Roadmap:


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