Campaign Monitor for Salesforce

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce

Onboarding with a new email platform has never been so easy!

Signed up with Campaign Monitor via the TRIAL offer, and you’ve got your first email ‘almost done’? Incredibly simple, right?!

But now you realise, your organisation needs more than the CampaignMonitor standalone package has to offer.

You need it integrated with your Salesforce CRM.

We’re experts at this, and can help you take that oh-so inexpensive, simple-to-use CampaignMonitor email toolset to new heights!

Enabling the Technology Link

We’ll integrate your Campaign Monitor account into your Salesforce CRM via the Beaufort 12’s Campaign Monitor for Salesforce – app.

Once connected, we’ll leverage it.

We’ll help you extend that Campaign Monitor base functionality with Salesforce features, and then show you how to run your communications on that technology — adding our 20+ years in digital marketing.

We’ll boost the success of your marketing and other organisational communications through effective email that brings and build relationships with leads, customers, partners, volunteers, donors and others.

Why is it important?

In today’s society, customers all have high standards for communications and engagement. On social, web, or email.

Your customers may be called clients, customers, patients, members or otherwise. Your workforce may be volunteers, and your payment comes from donors, investors or clients.

But no matter who they are or what they are called: you want to create converting digital engagement with all of them. That is: every email should have a purpose to delight & entertain, to build brand awareness, to educate, to communicate and strengthen your relationship, and most importantly, to solicit a reader’s action, or Call To Action (CTA).

We help companies and non-profits engage with success – with all their stakeholders on mobile and desktop. In fact, CloudAnalysts specialises in customer engagement.

Implementing Campaign Monitor with Salesforce

As Campaign Monitor with Salesforce Implementation Partner, we offer 2 solutions: Base Setup or Success Setup.

Depending on your needs, budget and internal digital marketing skill set available, we’ll create a solution that is perfect for you. In all cases, we’ll follow the fastest route for you to be on your way to successful email communication.

(Press the ‘+ ‘ to learn more about each package)

3 Packages: Suit Your Needs


For all our projects, we start with an efficient requirement-gathering workshop that leverage our proprietary playbook. Once we know your specific goals and situation, we’ll undertake the base setup.

This involves:

  • Setup:
    • Getting the ‘CampaignMonitor for Salesforce’ app into your Salesforce org.
    • Connecting the app with your CampaignMonitor account.
  • Email Sending Domain Authentication to avoid hitting spam filters: we will initiate authentication and provide code to your webmaster for change the DNS settings, after which we’ll finalise the process.
  • List Preparation workshop: we’ll plan the best way forward and discuss how to clean your list, import lists and how build to your lists through forms and otherwise.
  • Lead Generation/Sign-ups: we provide you the code for a simple (<4 std fields) form for your website (optional extra).
  • Some coaching & Q&A to help you on your way.

To suit startups, SME’s and nonprofits, we aim to keep this base setup assignment at around $2490 * (£ 1875 | Euro 2150), plus VAT where applicable.

(* May be modified based on details found in the requirement gatherings workshop)


Once we understand your specific goals and situation, we follow a collaborative model, where we do the heavy lifting of configuration, while we help you become proficient in the tool (via training + you working hands-on in the tool). We’ll be there with you as you go live with your initial setup to meet your first goals. Then, if desired, we can embark on a roadmap with future developments.

  • As per base package + Getting Started with Campaign Monitor digital playbook.
  • Creating campaigns hierarchy in Salesforce for to group campaigns and easily see what comms works best.
  • Setting up an A/B testing plan for you, as optimising is an ongoing process.
  • Segmentation workshop
  • Create custom report – Building out the app in Salesforce based on your lists to create an overview of your email performance.
  • How to create effective engagement – audit of planned emails and tailored tip sheet.
  • Helping you manage technical aspects with the Campaign Monitor for Salesforce app, or Salesforce itself.
  • Segmentation: you’ll get access to our training video just for clients.
  • Ongoing upgrading, as Campaign Monitor and the Salesforce app build out new features.
  • Building and managing Customer Journeys
  • Setting up automations.

and / or

  • Transactional Salesforce-triggered email setup
  • Client training to maintain setup.

We can deliver customisation as part of your Success Setup‘ initial assignment. Or as part of your roadmap which we’ll deliver via an Ongoing Services package.

All clients have access to a custom Ongoing Services package. Particularly for organisations who only get the Base Setup, we suggest a minimum allotment of 15 hours.

To suit startups, SME’s and nonprofits, this package is offered at the discounted rate of $2490 (£ 1875 | Eur 2150), plus VAT where applicable.

1 Goal: Create Value


What’s the value of 1, or 25 more customers or donors to you? Look to get ROI and value from your Salesforce and consulting investment.

Your total CampaignMonitor investment here (software purchase and implementation solution) to getting started is only about 10-15% of the cost of a Pardot install.

We’ll show you how to maximise the marketing benefits, leveraging sometimes ‘hidden’ features and axillary tools we have developed internally at CloudAnalysts.

Nonprofits may qualify for monthly payment plans. (Fee reduction depends on 1% pledge consulting time availability).

Your Next Step

Like to talk about your organisation’s needs? Take advantage of our offer of a complementary 30 minute initial consultation with a Salesforce and marketing automation expert.

We look forward to helping you succeed with Salesforce Engagement.

Learn more about being successful with Salesforce

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Further Background

Campaign Monitor +

Campaign Monitor is a pioneer in mass email marketing, and Beaufort12’s Campaign Monitor for Salesforce App offers quite a good set of features to integrate Campaign Monitor into Salesforce, including:

  • Ability to add Salesforce contacts or leads.
  • Email tracking history.
  • Work with any Salesforce object.
  • Salesforce reports and dashboards.
  • Works with Salesforce campaigns.
  • Manage your opt-in settings.
  • Automate subscriber process.
  • Basic email support.

And this is just the Premium package. In the Enterprise packages, these features are further extended with:

  • Transactional emails.
  • Campaign Monitor agency model.
  • Automate with Process Builder.
  • Instant Import Wizard.
  • Priority Support.

Both packages are incredibly inexpensive vis-a-vis other email packages in the market place. And with Campaign Monitor’s model of incremental payment based on the number of emails you’ll send, it is a good introduction tool for organisations who are beginning with email marketing in Salesforce.

CloudAnalysts & Beaufort 12 +

CloudAnalysts consultants specialise in customer engagement for sales, service and marketing. Your customers may be called clients, customers, patients, members or otherwise. In today’s society, they all have high standards for communications and engagement. On social, web, or email.

We help companies and nonprofits engage with success – with all their stakeholders on mobile and desktop.

Partnering with Beaufort 12 in Campaign Monitor For Salesforce Implementation

CloudAnalysts is proud to be an official recommended implementation partner of Beaufort12, and its Campaign Monitor for Salesforce app*.

How did the Partnership come about?

We experienced top customer support from the “Campaign Monitor for Salesforce” (Beaufort12) – service team for one of our client projects.

Equally, we were impressed with its clean, professional interface and ease of integration with Salesforce.

Furthermore, as we “love” Campaign Monitor’s free widget to make the most perfect buttons in the world, we decided that being a partner for “Campaign Monitor for Salesforce” complemented our service offering in Pardot and Marketing Cloud.