Content Marketing Agency Brighton

Oct 4, 2016

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Looking for an excellent content marketing agency in Brighton or Sussex? You found it! As experienced bloggers, our team excels at killer content marketing. ‘Killer content’ is content that’s linked to all aspects of your digital sales & marketing strategy. Therefore, as content marketing consultants, we don’t just do one thing. We offer a comprehensive set of services:

  • Existing Content Assessment, that reviews SEO keyword performance, how each piece of content relates to your sales funnel (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU) and prospect customer journeys. Leveraging TrenDemon, we assess which content contributes most to you reaching your business goals.  We’ll document existing content gaps that make customer journeys disjoint and dysfunctional, so we can fill ‘m!
  • Buyer Persona Development.   Buyer personas underpin every aspect of your content marketing program.  We complement your existing market research with interviews of your sales staff and prospective customers to understand why and how customers buy, and create distinct personas that you can communicate with in your sales and marketing.  Persona development can also be part of our strategic marketing services.
  • SEO & Keywords: Audit to resolve existing issues & Planning to take advantage of market opportunities, SEOcockpit Competitor & Keyword Analysis, Setup & Training.
  • Prospect and Competitor Research & Analysis, to determine which keywords you should aim to rank for and which broad themes to write about, and within each theme, what topics to write. We can also write content for you if that is required.
  • Content Strategy – Based on all these assessments and inputs, we develop a content marketing strategy, that link content objectives to your strategic plan.
  • Content Marketing Themes & Topics Development – We mine your data and public data for content topic ideas, with the goal of finding high-ROI content ideas that the competition is overlooking.
  • Content Creation. Successful content creating is a lot of work. Many companies are new to this, and daunted by this. We can help you in a number of ways: a) we train & coach your staff using our content creation methodology, to develop authentic content that reflect the culture of the company; b) we can edit your team’s work at any time; or… c) We can manage the copywriting for you, working with our trusted creative agencies, content writers, photographers and video makers to ensure you get what you need from them.
    Whichever way you’d like to manage content creation, we’ll help you present convincing authentic content that addresses the issues in the minds of your prospects.
  • What else? As content in an integral part of inbound marketing, we can design and run your Inbound Marketing campaigns.
  • Ongoing support & advice as part of our overall digital marketing services.

Content Marketing Agency Brighton

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Good content makes you respond, and draws you in. It’s probably what got you here.

Content and Social Go Together

To be seen as thought leader on social media by your target audience, you got to create content that demonstrates that you are. So, while having great content on your site is paramount importance, so is getting that content promoted on social media, and endorsed by influencers. We help you create content that delivers results.

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