Our 1% Pledge is our corporate social responsibility

As Salesforce Consultants, CloudAnalysts is proud to partake in the 1% Pledge movement of corporate philanthropy, as this reflects well why we are in business and how we like to work.

Our Values

At CloudAnalysts, our values are our anchor.

CUSTOMER SUCCESSWe genuinely care for our customers’ success, and for our consultants, and we go the extra mile.
AUTHENTICITY & HARMONYWe communicate authentically and harmonious in our relationships.
RESPECT & BALANCEWith regards to our consultants, our rules are: Employee-Employer Respect, Equality for All, and Healthy Work/Life Balance. And, we also like to be fun to work for and with. A happy place.
COMMUNITY & ENVIRONMENTWe actively care for and support our community & the environment. 

Our 1% Pledge

Our 1%+ Pledge of Giving Back.   Being a specialist consulting company, we give 1% of our most precious good, i.e.  time of our talented, knowledgeable consultants.  We do this by integrating our community contributions into our professional work, at every opportunity. For years, we’ve been giving far more than 1%.

Our Contributions

We are pleased to announce our latest recipient of our 1% Pledge in 2021, The Cares Family. This organisation works hard to reduce the loneliness in UK’s big cities, by bringing older and younger neighbours together so everyone can feel part of a changing world, rather than left behind by it.

CloudAnalysts is happy to further their cause.

Learn more: https://www.thecaresfamily.org.uk/

As Salesforce Consultants who took the 1% pledge, we are proud to have worked/are continuing to work for non-profits and higher education institutions such as Raspberry Pi; CoderDojo; University of Winchester.

We are in business to make the world a better place. And so we also actively support companies who have the same charter. Which is why we’re pleased to also support companies like CreateFertility, healthcare clinics specialising in mild IVF that’s safer for women and babies.  

Other Examples from the last 5 years

CoderDojo Brighton

We promoted & helped organise Saturday sessions.

As an officially approved STEM-ambassador, we have offered marketing & management support as well as coding support to CoderDojo Brighton. We pay special attention and offer additional to all young, future #womenintech that today may be just 5-year-old.

Besides teaching them actual skills, we worked on build their confidence, praising their talents and efforts, and daring them to step up to the plate of shining in front of big group of buddy boys in tech. And they are doing it, we can proudly say.  And they are learning to enjoy technology.

Over the years we’ve done many hours. Today, our focus in on supporting head office with marketing automation challenges, when the occasion arises.

Salesforce User Groups

For over 5 years now, have we lead 2 Salesforce User Groups: the Brighton Admins Group and the London Salesforce Marketing Cloud User Group.

As official Brighton Salesforce User Group – organisers, we work on furthering the CRM, Pardot but also project management and related skills to our Brighton, UK community. We have a quarterly speaker schedule featuring innovative presentations and live demos by leaders in their field.

In the London Salesforce Marketing Cloud user group we focus on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud only, bringing expert topics that relate to advanced sales and marketing and Salesforce Martech adoption. This user group has a worldwide reach.

We often feature articles and videos of our user group here on our blog at CloudAnalysts.com. Search for https://cloudanalysts.com/meetups/.

Giving is a Corporate Social Responsibility

This is so important.

Our first inspiration is Anita Roddick.  Decades ago, in a hip Brighton warehouse, she started a no-packaging cosmetics business. She called it The Body Shop.  There was no animal testing; only ingredients that are good for human bodies. Her waste-free formula was of course also good for the environment. And, she made the Body Shop a fun place to work. Anita was ahead of her time, and a true role model for us today.

Would You Like To Receive Support Via Our 1% Pledge?

If you’re a non-profit and would like our support, reach out to us. We like to be your force for good.