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FormAssembly – Salesforce Marketing Cloud: a Match Made in Heaven?

FormAssembly – Salesforce Marketing Cloud: a Match Made in Heaven? The London Salesforce Marketing Cloud user group, in the July 15 meetup, will host a talk by Rory Mahony from FromAssembly about using their forms with Data Extensions.

FormAssembly is well-known amongst Salesforce Admins as an easy tool for CRM users. However, with its higher level packages, FormAssembly also integrates directly into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, in several ways.

Is it a match made in heaven? You decide. Truth is that FormAssembly has a super-duper MC resources available, and we’ll discuss these in the user group session.

FormAssembly for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

London Salesforce User Group Event Details

Date & Time

July 15, 6:00-7:00 PM (BST).


  • Welcome & Announcement
  • Rory Mahony from FromAssembly
  • Marketing Cloud Resources
  • Q&A and/or Discussion
  • Wrap Up & Close

FormAssembly – what can you do with it?

To wet your appetite, here’s a bit of info about FormAssembly for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • If you have its Premier, Enterprise, or Compliance Cloud plan, you will have access to its Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector. With this connector, you can easily create subscribers, assign subscribers to lists, and send information to your custom data extensions.
  • You can embed FormAssembly forms in your CloudPages. Ever used Web Studio and needed Ampscript to make it work? If you don’t know Ampscript, this could be a solution for you.
  • Working with Rory, CloudAnalysts has been pushing the envelop or ‘the art of what is possible’, and created a use case with FormAssembly as a custom preference centre solution.
  • The FormAssembly resources give you ample tips of things to be aware of before you begin, e.g. whitelist the FormAssembly IP addresses to be able to receive information being passed from FormAssembly; how to be clever to avoid spam to enter your form, and much more.

Sound interesting?

Join the event:

And feel free to contact Jimson afterwards to learn how you can leverage FormAssembly for your Salesforce CRM and/or Marketing Cloud implementation. We’d be glad to help you out.

CloudAnalysts has been a proud sponsor, host and group leader of the London Salesforce Marketing Cloud user group, for many years.