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GDPR and Salesforce Marketing Cloud – January Meetup

GDPR and Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

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I want to thank Stephan Chandler-Garcia for speaking last night at our London Salesforce Marketing User Group Meetup. The topics of GDPR, EU Data Protection Directive, Data Protection Act, and the Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations doesn’t get old, especially when using Salesforce Marketing Cloud!

As a primer, please read:   GDPR Compliance Process – Checklist for Companies

Also thanks to Accenture and co-leader Kerry Townsend for organising a great venue with drinks & pizza.

In this meet-up talk about GDPR and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Stephan pointed out several additional complications for UK firms in particular:

1) GDPR is a European initiative. The UK will first be part of that, for a while. After that, upon Brexit, this legislation will be replaced by a UK regulation, which may be more stringent. This UK legislation is still being developed.

2) There is also the ePrivacy Regulation (ePR) and the (PECR), which was mentioned here, in a previous article: GDPR- what you need to know today. As well, here is the  ICO Guide for PECR audits.

NOTE: In his talk, there is one correction: HIPPA is the title for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  We apologise for any confusion that may have resulted during his talk.


After a short well-deserved break, we held a 20 minute Q&A session.