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Get a Free Consultation to boost your Salesforce.

Happy 2019  from CloudAnalysts
Happy 2019 from CloudAnalysts

To help you kickstart 2019, we offer:


Existing client? Get yourself a free 1.30 hr tune-up or Q&A session to help address your current challenges with your specific Salesforce org, or questions regarding the latest Salesforce releases and how these might befit your company situation. Like that idea? Contact us.

Get Ahead with your Salesforce org

For new prospects, we offer a free 1.5 hr consultation to get…

  • HAPPY: address something you are currently not happy with in your customer relationships or Salesforce org, and work out with/for you a suitable way to resolve this.
  • HEALTHY: do a health-check of your org (high level only) — we will need permission to run tests on your org which we will then discuss
  • PROSPEROUS: for prospects new to the world of CRM or new to Sales Cloud, we’d plan with you the best way forward for you on how to start with Salesforce Sales Cloud and integrate it with your existing data sources.
  • PRODUCTIVE: if your company already has Salesforce, we’d love to share with you how to take advantage of Salesforce productivity tools, or how to better connect Salesforce with other data sources to be more productive in 2019.

Like that? Contact us now.

Offers valid till December 31, 2019. Consultations must have happened by then.