Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Checklist: secret to your success – webinar

Apr 17, 2024

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Innovation’s knocking on everyone’s door

Migrating to a marketing automation platform like Marketing Cloud opens many doors onto sophisticated, data driven, intelligent marketing.

e.g by creating a truly personalised, real time, engaging customer experience that are innovative and drive ROI requires a platform like Salesforce.

How do you get started?

Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud even right for your business?

If so, how to configure it, so that you will be successful?

Keys to success

We have been working as Salesforce marketing cloud implementation partners for quite a few years.

We know what companies must do to be ready, save cost and have a successful launch with the software.

Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Checklist is THE management tool you'll need to plan your purchase, team & implementation.

Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Checklist

Benefits of our SFMC implementation checklist

Workshop participants will receive our complementary downloadable Marketing Cloud Implementation Checklist.

Both the workshop and the eBook addresses 10 key areas you must focus on and plan for to ensure adoption and ROI.

They will guide you to success via our checklist.

We’ll reframe your thoughts, and help you focus right throughout the process. We encourage you to work through this checklist before you even talk to a sales rep, to save significant time and investment.

This guide will help you no matter which parts of Marketing Cloud you are planning to work with, although we assume that Email Studio and Journey Builder will a key part of your MVP.

We can help you in all phases: software purchasing, team selection, solution development and implementation phases.

Plan ahead in a free webinar

To prepare your success, join our free online workshop: a focused 30 minutes, very well-spent.

April 30, 2024 –16:00-16:30 pm GMT

April 30, 2024 — 11:00-11:30 am EST

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CloudAnalysts consultants have 20+ years in digital marketing, 7-12 certs per consultant and a passion to help clients create customer engagement that convert through innovative solutions.


The checklist actually does more than making you organised: It helps your company scale much faster.


If you organise your files using a naming convention, you’ll find that also your reporting on assets improves.

You should be able to easily identify which asset is performing best against similar assets, and then swiftly move on to improve the others.


By addressing all points of the checklist, you’ll bring all the right information to the table, and work through all marketing aspects that are relevant to this sort of undertaking.

When we sit around the table with you, we’ll complement the marketer’s ‘this is our target persona brief’ with a data solution to leverage.


The checklist really is equal parts Sales and Marketing and Technology and Integration. All departments must work together to implement successful innovative marketing.

By understanding the support each needs from colleagues in other departments, all can more clearly work towards common goals.

Start today with a free 1:1

Can’t wait for the workshop date?

Request a 1:1 instead, just for you and your team:

Marketing Cloud Implementation Checklist

Astrid Van Dorst,, Salesforce Partner, Marketing Cloud Pardot Agency UK- 
marketing cloud implementation checklist

“Preparation drastically reduces implementation cost.

Let us help you define a clear vision and allocate the right resources for successful revenue generation, customer satisfaction and MarTech ROI.”

– Astrid van Dorst, CEO CloudAnalysts

Interested to learn more?

We would be very happy to help you.

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