Pardot Implementation Consulting

Ready to power up your growth with Pardot? As your Pardot implementation consulting firm,
we’ll help you implement the platform to meet your customers expectations and drive sales performance.

Quick Start – Intro to Pardot

The Pardot Quick-Start package enables you to implement in a most cost-effective, and best value implementation solution and start using your org faster.

Our CloudAnalysts Pardot Quick-Start packages will work wonderfully for organisations who are new to Pardot, but who already have an internal email marketing resource.

Our certified and experience consultants will work with you through our Quick-Start methodology and help you get your marketing automation running as efficiently and effectively as possible within your set time frame and budget.

Custom Implementation

CloudAnalysts’ Pardot implementation consultants customise our engagement to your needs, goals and timeline, to ensure your organisation masters its marketing automation with confidence.

Custom projects tend to be more sophisticated and strategically tailored to your organisation. Typically they involve more extensive data, Salesforce integration, process and/or email design, and a more complex set of marketing campaigns. We conduct the technical setup with you; we coach your team to developing its marketing initiatives in Pardot.

For some clients we also design email templates, and entire customer journeys, Google Analytics & Ads integration linking ad results all the way through to Salesforce sales results. So you can know, which ad resulted in what revenue.

For other clients, ABM is a goal and we will work with clients to both adopt ABM as a business practice and have their ABM data need and marketing execution rolled out into Pardot and Salesforce.

In other words, in custom implementations, we cater to your specific marketing objectives.

Pardot Quick Start, Distant Access

Since Covid-19, we have extended our Pardot Quick Starts to organisations throughout the UK, but also Europe and North America. Clients being delighted with our ability to work collaboratively in a virtual setting means that we will continue to do so.

Our distance access format delivers our Quick Start methodology over a series of concentrated workshops. We offer the same technical set up support, while user and admin instruction & training is delivered via teleconferencing facilities.

Custom Implementations – in London & throughout the UK, EU and the US

CloudAnalysts offers custom Pardot projects, when help beyond the Quick-start package is needed. It can include strategic implementation advisory, configuration, data & Salesforce integration, training and change management support. Talk to us about your unique requirements.

The online market is worldwide. So are we.

Private workshops, progress meetings and training is delivered online, empowering you to achieve the marketing automation you are after. We look forward to talking to you about your unique marketing needs and be happy to share industry best practices we have both observed and developed over time.

Pardot Customer Retention

“65% of business buyers are likely to switch brands if a vendor doesn’t personalise communications” – Salesforce State of Marketing 4th Annual Study

Pardot to the rescue…

What Clients Say

“Astrid from the CloudAnalysts team was exceptional.

She was responsive and clear with the deliverables and next steps. She ran a thorough analysis phase and talked us through he outcomes and learnings in a clear and helpful way.

She has truly gone above and beyond for us and we are delighted with the service and experience.”

Salesforce-verified client feedback by Customer Thermometer for a Sales Cloud & Pardot troubleshooting assignment.

For Pardot implementation consulting services

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