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Jan 25, 2024

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:: Pardot Naming Convention Generator ::

When implementing a marketing automation platform like Pardot or Marketing Cloud (even if using the simpler Hubspot or Mailchimp), you must beginning with developing a Naming Convention for all your digital marketing assets. Not technical, but utterly practical. And you will praise my name when you actually follow my advice on this, in … uh… anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months after implementation.

You see, by that time, your Pardot org is either … a mess … or it is organised and everyone can find things easily. One year from now, your team will be able to easily retrace its steps and re-use last year’s seasonal journeys, complete with automations, assets and all! All 2 sec’s (versus half-a-day or more searching for those files.)

If that interests you, read on:

Naming Conventions

A naming convention standardises the names of the various types of digital assets. It then relates them to each other, plus the time period and campaigns they belong to.

In short, a naming convention prevents your Pardot platform from becoming an entangled mess.

“With a naming convention, less time is wasted looking for assets that you know are there but you can’t find.” – Astrid, CloudAnalysts

Benefits of a Naming Convention

Let me list the key benefits for you:

1. Find assets with ease in Pardot

As mentioned before, with naming conventions, you’ll have an organised view of all your assets.

Thanks to your streamlined organisation of   your file names,  you can easily filter them to find exactly what you’re searching for. Quickly.

No more endless hunting for that file you just created but simply can’t find any more as you can’t remember what you called it exactly.

2. Plan for growth

A Pardot Naming Convention tool actually does more than making you organised. It’s not only efficiency that a naming convention pursues. It helps an organisation to scale up much faster.

A hidden secret is that it forces the team to think bigger picture, longer term. When designing a naming convention you have to consider for every element if it’s repeatable and/or reusable.

(If you’re serious about growing your business with Pardot, also see our other Top Pardot Best Practices.)

3. Be a better marketer

Thanks to a naming convention, you’ll be saving yourself and your team time needed for putting new campaigns together in Pardot. 

You’ll be able to quickly go back to last time you ran a workshop or last year when you ran a similar seasonal promotion as you want to orchestrate today.

4. Get insightful reporting

If you organise your files using a naming convention, you’ll find that also your reporting on assets improves.

You should be able to easily identify which asset is performing best against similar assets, and then swiftly move on to improve the others.

5. Enjoy better teamwork

Not just you, also your team members can quickly find the right element in your marketing automation tool.

No matter who created the asset, it will belong to a greater family of similar assets, campaigns, years. You’ll feel helped by colleagues, and you all more clearly work towards common goals.

Get access to the Pardot naming convention tool

The Pardot Naming Convention Generator- widget automatically generate a naming convention that suits your business.

We’re inviting you to this useful tool:

Pardot Naming Convention Generator: THE tool you'll need to help organise your team to scale up
“What Shall I call that Pardot Campaign?”
A Pardot Naming Convention Generator offers the best solution.

Your Next Steps

Companies can really struggle with creating an organised, well-working set of names for their org.

Let us help you succeed to reap the benefits.

We run short, to-the-point workshops for marketing/sales teams who need to use Pardot (or other marketing automation platform) to help them developing a fundamental Naming Convention.

We structure the conventions around your organisational setup and marketing/sales workflow, and annual campaign program.

Armed with that, teams are well equipped to boost their marketing automation processes and results, while working in Pardot as a team.

Note: Pardot is officially renamed to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, but we love the convenience of its prior short name, so we’ll offer you both.

Interested to learn more?

We would be very happy to help you.