Pardot Naming Convention Workshop

Aug 27, 2020

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:: Pardot Naming Convention Workshop ::

“What Shall I call that Pardot Campaign?” Let us help you set up a Pardot Naming Convention that works

Pardot Naming Convention Generator: THE tool you'll need to help organise your team to scale up

Benefits of a Pardot Naming Convention

An internal naming convention for the entire team’s use is the easiest way to develop a well-working marketing automation organisation. And that’s why we’re offering this Pardot Naming Convention Workshop to our clients.

A naming convention helps you to:

  • Filter & find Assets in Pardot Fast & with Ease.
  • Be a Better Marketer, by Leveraging Past Campaigns;
  • And by Getting More Insightful Reporting.
  • You enjoy the support of your colleagues as everyone works your way.

The CloudAnalysts Naming Convention Workshop

Let us help you get these benefits quickly via a Pardot Naming Convention Workshop by an experienced neutral consultant who has done this before.

Now you’re aware you need a naming convention, the workshop gets you and your team started and set up for longer term success.

As naming conventions requires agreement between departments, it can be a tat tricky to get this organised on your own. None likes to be told what to do by another department.

Our workshop offers one of the fastest, surest route to get organised.

What’s Included

Pardot Workshop Package empowers you with:

  1. Naming Convention – Information Collection Forms
  2. A ‘Best Practices & Success Tip’- Sheet
  3. Shared Naming Convention Google Sheet for your team to keep and continue to work with.

The collection form you’ll get before the workshop, and the other two in the workshop.

During the workshop, we will define:

  • Your anchors for a convention.
  • Elements requiring naming.
  • Issues that must be agreed, such as a process going forward.

Then we’ll demonstrate how to work with the online naming convention widget on this site, and our name storing templates in Google sheets first.

All participants get to practice using the tools. We go through some Best Practices and Success Tips before we wrap things up.


What’s required for you to get going with CloudAnalysts workshop to set up your Naming Convention?

  • About 1 hour prep time for participants to collect their input for the workshop.
  • 2 hours for the workshop itself, where we’ll align parties, build agreement and set the team up for ongoing success.
  • £499 plus VAT.

Request a Pardot Naming Convention Workshop for your team

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