Custom Pardot Training Workshops

May 7, 2019

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We offer custom Pardot training workshops online. Custom workshops can be used to get your sales and marketing teams up to speed quickly if you’ve just purchased Pardot. Our courses will effectively enable you to get prompt ROI. We make things easy, so your teams can get ahead.

Your team will learn more about marketing automation & Pardot for all stages of digital (marketing) communication:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead qualification
  • Segmentation & nurturing
  • Conversion.

In the convenience of your office or home

Training setup at the client site

We bring Pardot expertise and hands-on skills in-house to you. We pack all the Pardot basics into an exciting full-day training, with practical examples, exercises and handouts.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to work with Pardot’s email template functionality, create lists, campaigns, understand the need for tags, create custom URLs for special tracking, and create a simple customer journey in Engagement Studio. Plus much more.

This Pardot course suits self-starters who already began working with Pardot and are now ready to learn underlying frameworks and concepts, as well as people new to Pardot.

We ensure everyone is challenged and improves their knowledge of Pardot and marketing automation.

Your Bespoke Training Agenda

If your organisation’s bespoke marketing needs and your team are ready for Pardot’s many advanced features, we can extend this 1-day training course into a 2-day advanced & strategic Pardot training format.

Discuss your needs, and your budget, with your consultant, and we’ll create a perfect training solution for you.

Expert Consultant Trainers

We are a brand you can trust. CloudAnalysts has 2 of the first 22 people in EMEA to receive the Pardot Consultant Certification in 2015.

We’ve been around longer than almost all Pardot consultants in the UK, and share our extensive Pardot and Salesforce experience in your training

1 Day Course

Only $465 (£399 +VAT) per participant *

Let’s discuss your bespoke training needs and set your training date and agenda.

Participants Training Feedback

  • “Very clear and showed me how to use the tool quite fully. It was in-depth.”
  • “Friendly and interactive. Enthusiastic trainer with a lot of great knowledge! It was very engaging.”
  • “A lot of great tips that can be easily implemented.”
  • “Good pace of delivery, covered off a clear introduction to Pardot.”

Practical Details

  • Clients receive a custom training agenda before the workshop.
    Participants receive a welcome pack before the workshop.
  • *: Minimum 4+ participants per course. List price is for the core 1-day training.
  • Contact us for bespoke training. If you have a large number of participants, enquire about special pricing.
  • Training consultant travel expenses are passed on at-cost. An additional travel time fee may apply.
  • Typical training time is 8.30 am – 3.00pm ET. Can be modified to suit needs.

Interested to learn more?

We would be very happy to help you.