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7 Reasons Why Pardot. Which You Fancy?

Over the years, we have compared Pardot with other marketing automation software packages. While all developed over time, our reasons why Pardot remained the same, and we still favour Pardot for mid-sized and larger B2B companies.

And not just only B2B’s. We have also implemented Pardot in B2C companies. And in a variety of learning organisations – from universities to school franchises – to address their unique needs of extensive student communications.


Key Reasons Why Pardot is Best

to Empower Your B2B Sales & Marketing


Our Top 7 Reasons Why Pardot Explained

1.  Simple Setup for Powerful Email Marketing.

Particularly with our bespoke Pardot Implementation Consulting services, you can be up and running in no time. You focus on your marketing goals, and we can do the rest.  If you want to scale up your marketing and migrate from MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, ConstantContact, Marketo or Hubspot ao, you’ll have a lot of reusable content and journey material we can leverage, — making the job to get started even easier for you.

While you can help you get started as quick and as simple as you’d like, we suggest you don’t leave it at that. We typically carve out both an MVP and a roadmap, to ensure you’ll get to take advantage of Pardot’s extensive personalisation and automation features. Saving your time, bringing you more qualified leads, and ROI from your software investment.

Communicate with customers at scale, in a highly personalised manner, using email templates; personalisation strings; customer profiling; automation rules, dynamic content and more.

2. In-depth Prospect Tracking.

Pardot’s ability to website track readers even before they become registered prospects or customers is powerful. (BTW. It makes an IP look-up software like LeadForensics superfluous.) There is more.  Pardot also offers social media, webinar, Google AdWords and other tracking.

Furthermore, it lets you learn about prospects through progressive profiling, and thus avoid bombarding readers with huge lists of questions.   All of this offers incredible insights into prospects interests and needs. And none of this is possible with MailChimp, aWeber or Upmail (at time of this writing).

Combine this with other features of Pardot such as its capabilities for personalisation / dynamic content and list building automations, and you have an incredibly powerful sales-oriented marketing machine on hand.


3. Lead Nurturing.

Studies have proven that nurtured leads far outspent non-nurtured leads. Pardot enables you to design lead nurturing tracks for all stages of the pipeline. For market segments, and customer groups. Take a list of prospects and run a nurturing program. Pardot has an arsenal of templates for emails, landing pages, and forms. You customise these with your own content.


4. Prospect Grading and Scoring.

Not all leads are of equal value to your business, and Pardot allows you to distinguish who is most interesting to you (lead grading) and who is most interested in your products (lead scoring). A perfect combination that allow for sales efficiency as well as deep customer insight.

5. Ability to Calculate Marketing ROI.

Pardot allows you to calculate which part of your marketing is paying off and bringing in the sales.

Through detailed analysis, Marketing managers can distinguish between campaigns (and A/B tested emails within them) that work best, and those that don’t perform. This allows for optimisation, so that your marketing effort will increasingly work well.

This is an advanced topic. It requires that all the marketing attribution is properly filled out, Pardot is linked to Salesforce Opportunities, Google Adwords and Google Analytics; and you have someone strong in data management on board who we can coach and train for success.

This is typically a phase 2 project on the roadmap, rather than part of MVP.


6. Best Integration with Salesforce among Marketing Automation Platforms

Last two reasons why Pardot are about the fact that the Power is in the Integration. Reason 6: the Salesforce- Pardot integration. Sales reps can see Pardot data within Salesforce, and even ‘send Pardot email’ from within Salesforce, while benefiting from the detailed marketing vigour that Pardot itself allows. It also goes the other way: when a prospect’s lead score reaches a certain level, this can trigger a task in salesforce and other automation rules.While other marketing automation software can be connected with Salesforce, none integrates as well. And in our view, it’s this integration is where Pardot’s true power lies and delivers the cutting edge of marketing technology for B2B companies.


Importance of the Salesforce-Pardot Integration

Many marketing automation platforms offer a basic connector with Salesforce. However, there’s a big difference between that and Pardot’s deep integration with the Salesforce CRM. The Salesforce CRM-Pardot integration means you have one super-charged marketing and sales platform, with superior benefits:

  • It enables your business to improve marketing-to-sales relationship efficiency.
  • Your sales manager can benefit from increased close rates and deeper insight into sales funnel performance
  • Her team from and enhanced lead quality and better targeting capabilities.
  • Your marketing manager will be delighted to realise added benefits like improved marketing accountability, better segmentation and automated marketing communications with prospects.


7. Sales & Marketing Integration.

This last video explains reason 7. It shows how all the features mentioned here help align your business’ sales and marketing efforts. They help you build an extra-strong sales funnel. And you can reap the rewards.

And that’s it: our 7 main reasons why Pardot. As the tool develops, this list will extend. It’s getting better all the time. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to learn about the latest software features you can use for your business.


Your Next Step

Why wait? Contact us now to see how you can sell more, market better and gain greater customer satisfaction with Pardot. Become on of our clients who will exclaim: “Salesforce (Pardot) is 10x the software I thought it was going to be”.

As highly experienced and certified marketing automation consultants, we’d love help you to boost your performance with Pardot.

For companies who are considering Pardot we’ll help you create a vision for the future and then set up Pardot for you within this context, either as a kickoff MVP or a full roll out.

If your company already has Pardot but you think it can do more with it, please book a Pardot Audit.



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