Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation

Feb 8, 2024

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What is Experience Cloud?

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a platform for branded online communities. It offer ways to connect, promote communication and collaboration between you and your customers, partners or employees.

Salesforce Communities Cloud Implementation Consultants

Experience Cloud Use Cases

We have seen a variety of use cases for communities, from the delivery of ongoing course, to product updates, subscription management, the delivery of services or programs with your customers, constituents and partners, or a way to gather opinions and suggestions.

With Salesforce experience cloud, you can have multiple communities associated with your Salesforce org for different purposes and audiences.

As a ‘self-serve’ Salesforce customer portal, customers can find solutions to their issues in the community where they can find a customer support channel, agent support, or can even discuss issues with fellow customers.

3 Types of Salesforce Communities

Salesforce Customer Community

– These are are self-service portals that help customers in resolving their queries by talking to other customers, finding Knowledge articles. It also has AI-powered content recommendations.

Salesforce Partner Partner

– Partner portals are information hubs that let sales teams and re-sellers collaborate and access important company data that can lead to more closed deals.

Salesforce Employee Community

– These are used internally by employees of a company to share documents, files, ask queries and manage work/projects together.

Salesforce and Consulting Experts for Bespoke Implementation

Core aims of Experience Cloud

You can fulfill many objectives with experience cloud, but often these are the things companies aim for when purchasing Salesforce experience cloud:

  1. Building brand and brand loyalty — customers.
  2. Facilitating Collaboration — partners
  3. Emancipating Users — employees

Overall: building bridges.

How can you benefit

Which Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation model fits you depends on the nature of your industry and your business positioning.

But no matter where you sit in the eco-system, a well-designed Salesforce Experience Cloud can be pivotal for your organisation to build a best-practice Customer Experience solution, for your customers, with your partners and/or with your employees.

At CloudAnalysts we are expert Salesforce consultants with experience in multi-cloud solutions. Experience Cloud can be part of such a solution.

Ready to transform your customer* and industry relationships with Experience Cloud?

Let us help you design & implement a tailored solution to meet ever-raising customer expectations and boost your performance.

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Experience Cloud for Nonprofits

Not-for-profit organisations can benefit tremendously from Communities.

Swap ‘Customer’ with ‘Constituent’ and see how we can help you address your needs with Salesforce portals.

Nonprofits should also consider the nonprofit cloud, called “Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack” or SNSP.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We can help you analyse your needs.

Furthermore, nonprofits may apply to take advantage of significant fee reductions via pro bono consulting days, that we offer to organisations who make the world a better place.

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