Salesforce integrators for selected ISV partners

Nov 15, 2023

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Salesforce integrators for ISV partners | Find here an overview of our partners, including our strategic and functional partners, we have aligned with over the years.

Key Strategic Partners, for CRM & marketing

Introducing Salesforce for Messenger platform

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce is our key strategic partner – particularly for with its CRM, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Data Cloud and AI solutions. Most of our work is linked to Salesforce.

Salesforce serves over 150,000 companies who are building their business with Salesforce. We helps them stay on the leading edge in customer engagement, revenue creation and more, with Salesforce.

ISV Partners – for specific solutions

CloudAnalysts are experienced Salesforce integrators of various ISV apps

Through years of experience, we have found solutions for many client challenges. This led us to foster deeper relationships with select partners we love working with and recommend to our clients. We are now Salesforce integrators for the following ISV partners:


Salesforce ISV partner, Beaufort 12, has 3 beautiful apps: CampaignMonitor for Salesforce, Emma for Salesforce and Eventbrite for Salesforce.

Each offer favourite, low-cost email marketing solutions, particularly suited to nonprofits and SME’s.

Let us help you to dramatically enhance your Emma, Campaign Monitor, and/or Eventbrite account with Salesforce’s extensive functionality, reporting and automation features.

We install, configure, solve client issues, and share email marketing best practices.

Get started:


Another easy-to-use, fundamental email marketing platform with easy drag-and-drop functionality.

We are official resellers & implementation consultants of DotDigital.

The advantage of Dotdigital’s email marketing for Salesforce app is to started quickly.

It’s a more basic solution than Pardot / Marketing Cloud with Digital Engagement, but you can get an omni-channel solution with marketing email programs, transaction email, chat, SMS and eCommerce.


FA can be configured to do summersaults in the field of form data collection.

Everyone knows how we love Pardot at CloudAnalysts, but FA is a great complement to Pardot forms.

We’re a registered reseller and implementation partner for FA.

Contact us for advanced form solutions.


The greatest alternative to Financial Force on the market, for a fraction of the cost. It’s also way simpler and less costly to configure. Do we need to say more?!

It’s a Salesforce-native accounting package that’s proud of its security and ease of reporting. It is also supported by its own apps, to extend its functionality even further, making your accountant’s live easier.

Tired of spreadsheets and/or data reconciliation nightmares between platforms? We can imagine… That’s why we’re registered a referral partner to AccountingSeed.

Contact us if interested.


We are registered resell partners & implementation consultants of OwnBackup.

Let us provide you with an affordable “backup & restore” or “archiving” solution for your Salesforce data and meta data.

Peace of mind.

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An email marketing platform we have been using for over a decade. We’ve seen it morph and grow over the years.

Very easy to use, and great solution for small business.


A SFMC with SproutSocial solution enables you to

  • links organic and paid social media data;
  • Uncover omni-channel insights in one platform;
  • Optimise your social performance.

Contact us if interested.

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