Salesforce Managed Services

Jan 24, 2024

Our Salesforce Managed Services offer more than ongoing support and a peace of mind. Realise strong ROI on your Salesforce investment with us as your success driver for business growth and transformation.

Today, with Salesforce’s complexity and rapid speed of technical evolution, a solo Salesforce Administrator will be challenged to manage it all. Hiring an extra in-house person is prohibitive, when you can cost-effectively attract your needs with CloudAnalysts. We have certified, experienced Salesforce experts available to help you maintain your Salesforce org.

And to bring it to the next level. So you can ensure business continuity, grow your business, and improve efficiency.

How our

Salesforce Managed Services

help you build your business


Cost-effective staffing solution

Managed Services for Salesforce admin & development needs.

A good in-house Admin would cost you all-in £80K/year. A Developer or Architect: 30% more.

Keeping up with Salesforce New Releases takes a lot of time, cutting into their time to do actual implementation work.

With our package there’s no need to invest in a substantial in-house Salesforce team, nor the need to pay their training fees to keep their skills up-to-date or pay for their annual leave.

With us, you can scale strategically.

Expand or contract your managed services package with us as your business needs evolve.


Access to top developers & architects

In Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Pardot, Marketing Cloud and Data Cloud.

The deep Salesforce and Pardot knowledge factor: our consultants are fully certified and accredited in Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, Data Cloud and Pardot.

Our consultants typically have a dozen of Salesforce certs, not just 1.

Over the years, we resolved many different issues and have a proven path of resolution and an ability to fix things quickly.

Can’t beat experience.


Access to digital marketing strategists

Work with seasoned digital engagement experts who have many years of experience.

As a result, we also know the features of many MarTech tools you may wish to integrate.

We share our business best practices.

And our scripts for your success.


Partners for results

Our consultants take care of your Salesforce CRM needs, allowing you to focus on your business.

Joint initiatives help you forge a path of digital transformation for your company.

We can bring you Salesforce’s latest release features that are suitable for your business to realise your goals.

Salesforce pardot services - pardot managed services

Conveniently available when you need it

We typically reply to service calls within the hour and offer resolutions as prompt as possible.

Thanks to our expertise, we tend to be able to resolve issue better & faster than in-house resources. We are UK-based experts-only consultants.

(i.e. no army of juniors who will learn while they work; and no faraway offshore shop somewhere with their typical time delays, mis-comms or costly data masking needs/GDPR risk.)


Supportive & reliable

Let CloudAnalysts do all the heavy lifting when it comes to Salesforce. We monitor your org on an ongoing basis. When we notice issues to address, we will let you know.

An ongoing Salesforce services plan you can rely on: periodic calls keep everyone tuned in. It feels great to work with a Salesforce consultancy you can trust.

Salesforce pardot services - pardot managed services

CloudAnalysts consistently receives 5 star customer reviews for all our Salesforce, Pardot and Marketing Cloud assignments.



While we cannot take on your data responsibilities, we do offer help to structure and manage your data in Salesforce, so that your team is most efficient and you can measure the results of your business, real-time.


Best use of your time

With our Salesforce Managed Services you can focus on what you do best: manage your business.


GDPR compliant

Our consultants are in the UK. You keep your data local and stay GDPR compliant the low-cost way.

In sum

– why our clients choose our ongoing Salesforce Managed Services.

IF you have a Pardot as well as a Salesforce instance, we recommend you review our Pardot Services plans as well — Why not get services to cover both clouds?

Salesforce Managed Services plans

Every business has different needs. And yours vary over time. So we let you select the services you’d like and the level of support you need via our three Salesforce Managed Services plans. This way, your personalised plan will be perfectly aligned with your needs and budget.

Choose a plan that best suits your needs:

strategic digital marketing


Base Plan

20 hrs / month*
(“2.5 days”)

A great fit for larger or ambitious
teams who want to leverage
more of our talents and
get to success faster.

Pick 4 Service options

  • Initial base CRM audit
  • Support ticket-based service as per agreed SLA
  • Testing
  • Monitoring
  • Salesforce break-fix
  • Addressing user needs
  • New Release – response
  • Weekly update calls
  • Salesforce Best practices


Growth Plan

A perfect solution for
organisations who have
multiple clouds and/or a serious user base keen on innovation

Service services

  • Initial Audit
  • Key to good Salesforce ROI
  • Testing
  • Monitoring
  • Salesforce Break-fix
  • Addressing user needs
  • New Release – response
  • Weekly management calls
  • Strategic Business Approach
  • Technology Strategy
    Workshops 3x/yr
    (Release Notes)
  • Salesforce Best practices
  • Emergency Support
  • will work with your team on required configuration and development changes to maintain your Salesforce Applications and Clouds.
  • Training: create training material, perform end-user training for new joiners or skill up existing users


Strategic Plan

1 FTE *
(“22 days”)

Leverage our strategic business
and marketing talents
besides Salesforce CRM expertise
for better business results

Service options

  • As per Executive plan
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Access to specialist consultants covering non-CRM clouds, such as Marketing Cloud, Revenue Cloud, a.o.
  • Complete administration, development, and support services 

A convenient solution

Our Salesforce Managed Services plans allow you a set number of hours to use our services during a * 30-day-period.

Carry forward: 20% of any period’s unused allotment can be used in the following month – offering you cost-effective flexibility.

We tailor our plan to your needs, so you’ll get the services you want, when you want them.

An extension of your team

At CloudAnalysts, we understand the challenges of implementing and maintaining a Salesforce Org. Our experienced support team will handle all your technical development requirements, as well as support tickets to help drive better business performance. No matter what plan you choose, we’ll become a seamless part of your team to ensure you have immediate access to a Salesforce expert to ask questions, resolve issues, provide training and proactively manage your Salesforce Org.

At CloudAnalysts, we like to be a natural extension of your company, and can use your preferred platform of communication. At the same time, you can benefit from our pre-configured Toolkit:

  • Google Sheet / Smartsheet: customer-dedicated with Gantt chart with ordered task lists – for top-level management of activity, delivery, milestones and budget;
  • Asana – for collaboration, keeping files & communication together with project development. Besides this, we configure your portal with ‘How-to’s and learning videos for your project – a library of resources; and
  • Salesforce case management for new requests.

With our toolkit, nothing gets missed. Everything is managed, and you have insight and control of how your time allotment is applied, at all times.

Work out what package best suits your needs.

Are an alone Salesforce admin who is overloaded or occasionally require help with something that’s a bit/lot over your level of technical expertise?

Are you a CFO, Sales Director or other business manager who knows that getting Salesforce CRM was a good idea, but you can’t figure out how to make it easy to use, so that adoption and ROI are jeopardised l?

Do you wonder who in your team is actually using Salesforce as there’s no internal Admin. You can’t carry the expense of hiring a FTE just for Salesforce as just need a little extra help once a month?

We would be happy to discuss these questions and options with you.

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