Salesforce Marketing Cloud Case Study to Improve Luxury Membership Services

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Case Study

Salesforce Marketing Cloud for membership organisation in the luxury hospitality sector.

We designed and delivered the solution in 2-stages:

  • Interim Project: rapidly migrate from Oracle to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • Transformation Project: integrate Marketing Cloud with Salesforce Sales & Community Clouds, and other data sources for new automated, highly personalised membership communication, process automations and unique member services.
View over the stunning grounds of its country estate


The client is one of the world’s foremost private members’ clubs.

It combines over 100 years of tradition with contemporary and luxurious facilities across two beautiful clubhouses.

Both are welcoming sanctuaries from the bustle of the capital city, where the finer things of life can be enjoyed.

Featuring first-class dining and banqueting and entertaining, beautiful luxury accommodation and a wide range of sporting facilities, year-round events and a thriving activities calendar, the Club provides a unique, unmatched luxury offering for members and their guests to enjoy.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Case Study
Membership Organisation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Case Study – Membership Organisation – Training Workshop

As a successful, exclusive membership club with 10’s of thousands of current members, royalty amongst them, this client did not need more members. Instead, it needed a marketing platform to provide more sophisticated member communication, club services, plus a host of automations.

The client had been using Oracle Service Cloud, a bespoke Propeller website, and standalone tools to communicate with members. It managed 100+ unique lists based on members preferences for newsletters, activity- and interest-group comms.  

The Marketing team had found Oracle too cumbersome to use, so that the IT department did the email marketing’s ‘heavy lifting’ and other marketing and sales processes were performed manual.

Oracle’s functionality also did not allow for a new, advanced data strategy envisioned by the CIO, which would match member profiles, preferences, and geo-location usage behaviour with planned club events and facility availability.

The club wanted the new marketing platform to be designed and configured in two stages:

  1. Interim Project
  2. Transformation Project.

The company wanted to migrate to Salesforce Marketing Cloud as fast as possible to a new solution, i.e. in 2 weeks, without business disruption.

Our Marketing Cloud solution was to enable a non-technical marketing team to deliver high-quality club newsletters and a range of other member publications, with ease.

And saved the club a whole year of Oracle contract value.


The CIO’s vision for advanced communication meant we needed to create the club’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud data structure, integrations and configuration to go far beyond its prior Oracle functional setup.

  • We delivered the data sets, automations and other configuration required to fulfil the new, sophisticated marketing requirements which the club was previously unable to do.
  • We integrated with SFMC, Salesforce core and Community Cloud, AppExchange Membership Software, Dell Boomi and SpringCM.

Leveraging the initial setup, we realised the transformation project with multiple Salesforce Marketing Cloud business units.

The project encompassed the creation of a number of automated customer journeys to begin with; and the set up of the data-structure, automations and integrations for many more journeys to follow. Some customer journeys were highly bespoke to this private club; others were a bit more standard.


Here are some of the journeys we prepared for this client:

Annual Membership Renewal Customer Journey

We create an automatic email process with attached .pdf and easy online payment method. This journey replaced the labor-intensive and costly printed and hand-stuffed letters sent in the post. By this customer journey alone, we saved the client almost the entire cost of the Marketing Cloud software, making it more or less paying for itself.

New Member Application Marketing Customer Journey

This was a major time saving service delivery improvement as well. We automated the process in this journey in an integrated manner with Salesforce Sales and Community Clouds; and set up a Journey Builder journey with branching logic and a series of email templates to roll out a follow-up ‘campaign’ (if no response within a week, then… etc..).

This new fully automated process replaced a prior set of semi-manual actions by the marketing team that were managed through a tracker that did not have email capabilities.

Reciprocal Club Visit Request Member Journey

We also designed a reciprocal Club Visit Request journey. This was a data- and systems- integration piece of work. A logged-in member would completes an online form and submits it. The form would generates a visit request in Salesforce and triggers a merge document creation in SpringCM. Merge document is saved in SpringCM within the contact’s folder, and emailed to both the member and a contact assigned to the reciprocal club.

Again, this was a labor intensive job before we automated it from A-Z.

Events Booking Member Journey

An example of a more ‘standard’ marketing cloud journey we built in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder was the events booking journey. In this journey, the member gets an email confirmation. Then back office processes ensue and the member booking is confirmed in system. Prior to event, automated reminders are sent to the member, who could refer to an itinerary file for download.


Challenges are what makes our work interesting and keeps us on our toes. Let me share how we worked around some challenges of this project:

Interim Project‘s Challenges

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud delivery in the shortest time possible (i.e. weeks not months), while ensuring professional IP warm-up, which usually takes 4-6 weeks. Without business disruption.
    • We did this by working around the clock to get Marketing Cloud provisioned and helping the client create a few early high engagement emails and get these emailed out, while we continued to work on building other aspects of the project.
  • The client had expert marketeers with deep understanding of the luxury market, however with little technical prowess. We met this adoption challenge by forging a path of enablement:
    • Extensive end-user training;
    • Extensive coaching of the IT team so they could quickly troubleshoot Marketeers’ issues and continue our training;
    • A simple-to-use setup;
    • An array of prepared templates for the marketeers to use.

Transformation Project’s Challenges

  • The transformation project’s challenges were all around triggering syncs, automated processes and other aspects of integrating — mainly with Salesforce Communities and the AppExchange membership software for two-way syncs; but also with DellBoomi, SpringCM and Propeller.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Case Study – Membership Organisation

Its new Marketing Cloud solution offers the club a set of fantastic time- and cost-saving automations; superior customer service; more professional communications; insightful new metrics and manageable new measures. 

For the first time, management is fully aware of the nature and true volume of all its facilities and services across its clubs sites’ bars, restaurants, accommodation and events, and have this data available to create custom journeys.

Now, the Marketing department can create 1:1 marketing communications with recommendations and other content that is unique to an individual member’s profile with geolocation and demographics, preferences, interests, and spent data.

This Salesforce Marketing Cloud Case Study sets out the initial benefits we unlocked for this client. On the roadmap are many more to unfold.

Feedback from the CIO

CloudAnalysts did an excellent job

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Case Study – Membership Organisation

CloudAnalysts did an excellent job designing and implementing our Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution within 2-3 weeks to swiftly migrate from Oracle Service Cloud ensuring business-continuity. “

Showing professionalism, commitment and care, they delivered: org set up, marketing staff trained, templates made for them, automations configured, data extensions prepared and tested.

“I had concerns about whether it was possible to deliver this interim project in such a challenging timescale. The CloudAnalysts team worked tirelessly to deliver and all done with a week to spare!”


I highly recommend CloudAnalysts and will be working with them again on future projects.

“I hired them for a challenging second assignment as they have the expertise and are well equipped to implement it:

The interim project laid the foundation for their current, highly innovative project of implementing a comprehensive solution

  • with Marketing Cloud, Salesforce CRM, Dell Boomi, Fonteva and other data sources
  • for sophisticated communication and marketing based on
    • demographic data,
    • behavioural data
    • preference data
    • property site geolocation
    • facility utilisation
    • accounting
    • and more.”

Their expertise and valuable insight ensured that the business received what it needed not just what it thought it wanted.”

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Case Study


We hope you enjoyed this Salesforce Marketing Cloud Case Study for a Membership Organisation in the Luxury Hospitality Sector.

This extensively integrated Salesforce solution is definitely stellar, but perhaps not necessary for all companies and organisations. You will have your unique set of business goals. Some may be simpler, some more complex.

The right solution for you addresses your organisation’s unique marketing, sales and service goals and challenges.

Would you like to talk with us about what we can do for your business, and answer your questions about Marketing Cloud and related software?