Salesforce nonprofit case study – LoveYourBrain’s marketing automation platform migration

Nov 19, 2023

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Salesforce Nonprofit Case Study  NPSP with Campaign Monitor Marketing Automation – Platform migration project for LoveYourBrain Foundation

Salesforce Nonprofit Case Study 

Our client


LoveYourBrain – a Brain health nonprofit organisation

The LoveYourBrain Foundation is a US non-profit organisation that improves the quality of life of people affected by traumatic brain injury and raises awareness about the importance of brain health.

Their issues

Its software setup was not working as intended: hindering communication, segmentation, internal efficiency and other issues.

Most notably, its “Marketing Communications Engine” involved 5 different databases and data input sources. This affected the accuracy of its marketing segments and consent management – two important issues to resolve to build the brand, create excellent constituent engagement and email in a legally compliant manner.

The partner they were looking for

LoveYourBrain was looking for a seasoned marketing automation consulting partner who had experience with Salesforce NPSP, the Beaufort 12 integration of Campaign Monitor for Salesforce, marketing automation platform migrations – plus had a good dose of marketing knowhow.

Why CloudAnalysts?

— Alyssa T, Manager of Systems

LoveYourBrain Foundation

Salesforce Nonprofit Case Study

CloudAnalysts stood out among Salesforce partners; they’re the only ones who are experts in Campaign Monitor and Salesforce.

They are unique in that they are marketing professionals, not just technologists, who worked with us to build communication plans that convert.”

Our Brief

The client asked CloudAnalysts to assess how best to resolve their issues. Working with LoveYourBrain’s IT/Marketing team, it was decided that the simplest and best way forward was to bring all its constituents’ communication onto one of its platforms, Campaign Monitor.

We advised and supported the migration and segmentation project, offering advice, Salesforce configuration support and best practices.

E.g. As Campaign Monitor and the Beaufort 12 Connector both charge on a subscriber count, the proposed setup would keep the Campaign Monitor’s subscriber count as low as possible, while maintaining data accuracy.

Project challenges

The project also involved:

  • Form standardisation
  • Salesforce re-configuration for form data retrieval
  • Database cleansing and migration communication with constituents
  • Dataloader to build consistency on existing Salesforce records
  • Introduction of a naming convention
  • Streamline business processes

  • Development of a publications and audiences matrix
  • Resolving syncing issues between Campaign Monitor and Salesforce
  • Developing list segmentation and opt-out mechanisms,
  • and more.

Our US Nonprofit organization, LoveYourBrain Foundation, had too many marketing automation platforms and tools working in tandem.

Project Results

The main result is that LoveYourBrain can now better realise its mission. Practically it means, we can

  • send timely, relevant & consented email marketing communications,
  • using segmentation,
  • with consolidated, and
  • properly synchronised databases.
  • And save on platform costs.
Salesforce Nonprofit Case Study - LoveYourBrain - cycling programs

Survey – “How did you like working with CloudAnalysts?”

Salesforce Consultant UK 5 star customer rating

“We highly recommend CloudAnalysts to other Nonprofits.”


“The new technical setup and audience-based marketing framework by CloudAnalysts offers the perfect foundation for our marketing & communications in the years to come.

We’re thrilled with their expertise, as well as their customer service/personable nature during the engagement to make this project fit our requirements.”


“CloudAnalysts helped us effortlessly through the process of migration and streamlining, providing us with their expertise in Salesforce, the Beaufort12 connector ‘Campaign Monitor for Salesforce’, various marketing automation platforms, and marketing best practices to help us build our mission.”

Overall, we loved working with them and highly recommend them!


“They managed the project in time and under budget, also allowing us to work at our own pace.

Working across different time zones was easy with them.

They understand the US market needs very well and we found them to be very flexible as consultants.

I’m also grateful for their on-the-job Salesforce training.”

LYB yoga and meditation class

“A big thank you from all of us at LoveYourBrain!”

Are you a nonprofit who likes to improve the effectiveness of your engagement ?

You can request us to contact you with more information, or you can book a chat with us, putting it straight into our calendar.

Registered Salesforce Consultants - Salesforce nonprofit Case Study

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