Salesforce Nonprofit Marketing Cloud – Case Study

Feb 8, 2024

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Salesforce Nonprofit Marketing Cloud for Faith Community – Case Study

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Email Migration
Custom Preference Centre
Signup Forms
Email Templates
Custom Blocks
Range of journey types 
CRM / Non Profit Success Pack (NPSP) and website

Salesforce Nonprofit Marketing Cloud for Faith Community Case Study

This church maintains a vast Christian community through ‘000s of churches — embracing many local parishes throughout the UK and Europe, aiding people to learn about Christianity and developing their faith through daily practice.

Communication is very important in this context. Therefore, this Christian organisation needed a powerful communication platform as a foundation for diverse types of communications, for enhancing personalisation and self-serve facilities. And a platform that could support them over time.

The Church has a vision to support to its constituents to bring faith into their every day life via omni-channel marketing solutions. It aims to be accessible via its website, app, social media as well as email.

The objective was the delivery of an increasingly rich, seamless faith experience every time people come into contact with the Church, so as to build meaningful, supportive engaging.

The Salesforce CRM and NPSP with Marketing Cloud became their platform of choice.


The Church needed expert Salesforce marketing consultants to design and implement a scalable solution for enhanced constituent communication with Salesforce & Marketing Cloud.

The delivered solution

Salesforce Nonprofit Marketing Cloud for Meaningful Engagement

Salesforce Nonprofit Marketing Cloud

Our consultants designed and implemented a solution for scalable innovation in Marketing Cloud integrated with a greenfield Salesforce Sales cloud, NSPS – that would help the Church deliver personalised daily-faith messages plus ongoing and seasonal church service communication management.

  • Salesforce & Marketing Cloud base setup configuration.
  • Facilitated data migration with data extensions, client training and data cleansing tool.
  • Conducted IP warm-up.

Rather than lifting and shifting old emails, consultants worked with the Church to develop a set of new, on brand, email templates:

  • Designed email layouts and created CSS/HTML templates.
  • Modular design with reusable content blocks, templates and even journeys.
  • Extendable email designs for different purposes.

Consultants worked with the Church to develop brand new journeys that would tie in with the specific interests of each individual:

  • Configured Marketing Cloud Connect for ongoing syncing with Salesforce core.
  • Configure a range of different journey types, e.g. journeys based of Salesforce campaigns.

Consultants delivered ongoing training and empowerment sessions for the digital team, including:

  • Onboarding with Marketing Cloud: Email Studio, Content Builder, Connector.
  • Building the client’s Marketing Cloud Knowledge Base: Cloud Pages, Automation Studio, Journey Building, and more.


  • Scalable, innovative solution — to continue to build its communication vision in Salesforce Nonprofit Marketing Cloud, NPSP, and more.
  • Consistent meaningful engagement that enlightens, inspires, and celebrates.
  • 5 -STAR Salesforce Partner Review “We have worked with CloudAnalysts on several projects, all of which have been successful, timely, and with great outcomes. We will work together again very soon, and I would not hesitate in recommending them!”

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