Salesforce Online Training

Sep 26, 2019

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Salesforce Online Training
Our training is ideal for home-based employees to learn new Salesforce skills with confidence and ease

Join our Pardot & Salesforce Training Courses

[online courses with certificates]


Improve skills, be a better email marketer.

Our hands-on training courses empower marketing teams (and MarTech/CRM admins) to learn Pardot marketing automation skills – strategic business, technical, practical and creative skills!

It’s a wide range of skills: from campaign management, landing page and form best practices, email design best practices, and mark-up knowhow (HTML, CSS), understanding how Pardot can leverage Salesforce features, building automations for segmentation and efficiency, to engagement studio program design.

Learn the way you want to learn

For your convenience – to save time – we deliver our training courses live online. We offer a mixture of lectures, reading materials, examples or case studies, and hands-on exercises. As such, it will suit many different types of learners.


Learn from the experts

They are taught by highly experienced Pardot- Salesforce certified consultants, who have built Pardot and other email marketing solutions for over a decade.

They infuse training with tips from the real-world! Learning from experienced consultants prepares for issues you’re likely to encounter too.

Yes, we’re experts, but don’t dwell on tech talk. We’ll explain Salesforce and Pardot to you in plain, simple English, with easy to remember concepts. No jargon. Promised.


As we’ve spent years learning the ins & outs of Pardot, we know that learning alone is harder. So, we’ve created a Pardot Facebook group – just for you! It’s exclusively for students of our Salesforce & Pardot training – a place where you share your successes, and where moderators and peers can answer your questions, 24/7.


Ready to build your Pardot skills?

Each of us have different schedules – why we offer 4 training formats. Join the ones that suits you.

Questions? Email


5-week training courses


Custom workshops

Online Pardot Course for Beginning Users


Learn the fundamentals of demand generation, lead conversion, lead nurturing and qualification, and how Pardot’s components for marketing automation helps you create success for each part of the customer journey. An introduction course to empower email marketers and savvy sales users. Also excellent for new Pardot admins after the fresh Pardot org is installed, enabling them to facilitate user adoption.

Investment: $1995 **

Schedule: Nov 8–Dec 6, 2022
Tuesdays, 10-12 am ET ***

Learn more:

To discuss your training needs:

This training course will be held next at:
Jan 10 –Feb 7, 2023
Tuesdays, 10-12 am ET

*** Note: our courses are scheduled to suit US – based companies.

CloudAnalysts offers custom-designed workshops to companies and nonprofits to contain the topics and information that’s unique to their organisation.

Contact us for custom-design live Salesforce online training. We deliver exclusive training to your global workforce.

Custom training work can be complemented by branded training manuals, worldwide rollout programmes, and more.

We can deliver workshops onsite for an additional fee – usually in conjunction with prior consulting assignments.

Learn more: Custom Pardot training Workshops Discuss your training needs and ideas:

Participants Training Feedback

Don’t take out word for it. Here are some review comments from past students on our training:

  • “Very clear and showed me how to use the tool quite fully. It was in-depth.”
  • “Friendly and interactive. Enthusiastic trainer with a lot of great knowledge! It was very engaging.”
  • “A lot of great tips that can be easily implemented.”
  • “Good pace of delivery, covered off a clear introduction to Pardot.”
Your instructor, Astrid van Dorst MBA


Benefits of our Salesforce Online Training

Many companies and nonprofits have taken advantage of our Salesforce online training to get staff quickly trained.

The benefits are multi-faceted:

For Salesforce users:

  • Increased job satisfaction
  • New skills and confidence
  • Career advancement

For companies:

  • Business impact in sales, service or marketing
  • Increased Salesforce user adoption
  • Software ROI

Online courses with certificates

All participants who continue the workshop from beginning to end, and who will pass a quiz at the end, will be awarded an online course participation certificate.


Quality Training

Our Salesforce Online Training for users are different from most other training out there.

You can enjoy learning from our world-class CloudAnalysts instructors, with decades of hands-on experience in digital marketing and Salesforce.

Our consultants are also approved as Salesforce University trainers. This means that they not only have the technical experience and certifications, they also have proven training skills, tools, techniques and materials.

For example, prior to CloudAnalysts, one of our consultants is a recognised thought-leader in the field, and also taught Web Marketing and HTML web design in Silicon Valley to pioneer digital marketers — as early as in the late 1990’s!!


Salesforce software constantly evolves, and in sync with that, we also update our training frequently.

Learning is an experience!

Everything else is just information.

– Albert Einstein

Notes: these are beginners-level online training courses on Salesforce and Pardot specifically designed for users (i.e. not intended for Salesforce Consultants). Coming soon: topical workshops and short classes. ** 15% discounts for nonprofits

Interested to learn more?

We would be very happy to help you.

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