Service Cloud Implementation Consulting

Transform your Customer Satisfaction Rating
with CloudAnalysts’ Service Cloud Implementation Consulting:
Let us design & implement a solution
that exceeds your customer expectations, boosts loyalty and company performance.


According to Salesforce Customer Success, research:

  • Companies that use Salesforce see
    an increase of customer satisfaction by 35%.
  • With the use of Salesforce, customer service agents have
    an increase of 34% productivity.

Let’s realise these benefits for you.

Quick Starts

With the expert help of our Salesforce consultants, you can start benefiting from your Service Cloud fast. Our Service Cloud ‘Quick-Start’ package enables you to implement in a most-efficient way.

A CloudAnalysts ‘Quick-Start’ package is an inexpensive Service Cloud implementation solution, and suits organisations who just want to get started with Salesforce service cloud. Customisation, bells and whistles can be added on a roadmap – is their philosophy.

Besides config, our Service Cloud Quick-Start package offers train-the-trainer training on the core elements, so that you can fully use and successfully manage your Service Cloud upon project completion.

Because even small service changes can bring big financial results.

Custom Service Cloud Implementations

Let’s bring your service delivery and customer satisfaction on a higher level.

CloudAnalysts’ bespoke Service Cloud implementation consultancy is customisable to your needs, goals, and timeline; to ensure your organisation masters its efficient and automated service delivery system in Salesforce with confidence. And realise significant service goals and benefits.

To realise a competitive advantage, or to simply stay afloat in the pandemic — excellent online customer service has become crucially important.

Our custom projects are more strategic. They are tailored to your organisation, feature data / Salesforce integration, and have built-in best practices and automations in your customer service processes. As needed, we redesign processes with you; code and configure bespoke, advanced Service Cloud pieces; and deliver training or change management support to ensure you successfully leverage Salesforce service Cloud.

Service Cloud Managed Services

CloudAnalysts offers ongoing Salesforce Service Cloud Managed Services.

It’s a natural continuation of our services after the initial setup and golive. But clients also find us when strapped for in-house resources and in need of highly specialised talent and experience to bring the company its next level of service delivery.

We usually build a roadmap with our new and existing clients where the rate of creation and adoption of new features and automations befits the nature of the organisation.

Talk to us about your unique requirements for Managed Services.

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