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Oct 3, 2016

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We are digital marketing technology consultants, and social media marketing is central to our programs for customers.

So, then, as social media marketing consultants, we support companies in creating a powerful social media marketing plan.

And we help them to create a strong presence, that supports their overall marketing and business goals: branding,  customer engagement, community building, lead generation & qualification, generating sales and delivering excellent real-time service.

Once we have this strategic anchor, we develop a roadmap with, and for, clients that’s paved with campaigns to fulfil their social media mission and reach their targets and objectives.

Then, we start with an impactful MVP to get them on the way.

Social Media Marketing Consulting

The Functions of Social Media Marketing

Brighton Sussex best social media marketing consultants

Social media marketing can perform quite a few important business functions – the most important perhaps being that key source of  knowledge for prospects on their first 60% of their buying journey. Let me detail that:

  1. Through your posting, you establish your business as thought leader in your industry. Akin to branding.
  2. Social posting creates many inbound links to your blog and website. Perfect for SEO.
  3. Social posting can result in lots of traffic from the right prospects.
  4. It puts your best content in front of these target audiences and helps them move through the customer buying journeys, aka buying process.

Overall, social media marketing lets companies attract, inform, educate and entice prospects to move cold leads to won customers. If done well. That last point, ‘if well done’, is vital to successful social media marketing. A social media marketing plan must have certain characteristics to be working properly. More about this later.

Why Work with a Consultant

There are a couple of things why working with social media marketing consultants makes a lot of sense.

1. Social Media Platforms Change Fast

The arena of social media is rapidly evolving, – continuously emerging with new platforms and features. We have learned first-hand, that picking the right platforms for a business, and performing early on suitable social media platforms gives you genuine prime-mover advantage.

As social media marketing consultants, we keep abreast of significant changes in the field. In our partnership with clients, we leveraging our knowledge and insights from this analyses to determine what type of social marketing best befit your company.

social media prime mover strategic advantage

2. Social Media Marketing is Accumulative

Sow seeds now. Reap benefits for years. Social Media Marketing is best viewed as a long-term digital marketing strategy. This contrasts with how social media marketing is often treated by traditional companies. While judged and praised for its immediate results, and measured with such KPIs, we found from experience that social media marketing benefits accumulate over years.

If you don’t have enough human resources in your team to work up a proper social media plan and execution, CloudAnalysts can either take over the social media marketing for you and/or identify tools and platforms that help you to work faster and smarter in this field.

3. Social Media & Influencer Marketing Interweave

Interwoven with social media marketing is influencer marketing, and is worth mentioning here.

Influencers used to be bloggers who were very active socially. Today they are niche movie stars on a specific platform, and require a separate line in the marketing plan.

Influencer marketing is a planned approach of targeting specific individuals who can act as brand ambassadors, advocates and endorsers of your products and services. It is more than blasting emails to anyone influential in your field, through automated processes.

We have a set methodology for identifying and working with them. We help you analyse the influence you need, the influencers that best befit that need, and develop an approach to establish a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with them, online, … and offline.

4. The Art of Social Listening

Social listening lets you learn everything that’s being said about your brand. By customers. By prospects. By competitors. By influencers.

Are you listening?

Do you have a response plan in place?

At least as important as listening on social to customers, is to know what your competition is doing on social media.

There is wealth of information and ideas out there that is specific to your industry. The ideas of your peers in industry can be some of the best catalysts to instigate change in your organisation. There are also many online benchmark and competitor intelligence tools that we can put to good use for you.

Let’s first understand what your competitive situation is. Then, we’ll recommend our tools and plan of attack.

Our competitive insights and intelligence will keep you abreast of changes and new ideas to adopt.

5. Social Media Marketing is for Experts

Because social is such an important job, it’s best handled by social media marketing consultants who are experts in the field.

We frequently see social media handled by junior staff, however. Sure, younger people tend to ‘get’ social media and they are willing to contribute.

However, social media marketing is too valuable to be left to your summer intern to figure it all out by himself.

Your interns could sure play a role in your social media marketing, but so should marketing executives.

Our Services as your Social Media Marketing Consultants

We can help you improve your social media presence, partnering with you to get your brand, your offerings and your content in front of target prospects and industry influencers:

  • Social Media Marketing Opportunity Assessment & Gap Analysis. This encompasses all social engagement, including social advertising.
  • Prospect and Competitor Social Media Marketing Analysis – what do prospects want, when are they where, and how is competition engaging with your target prospects
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy Development, includes Plans and objectives, Platform selection, Implementation planning, and Execution.
  • Influencer Marketing Analysis, Methodology & Workshops.

Why CloudAnalysts as your social media marketing consultants

We help you make social an integral part of your overall marketing mix. What we bring to the table:

  • Our Understanding What kind of Social Engagement to Create

    Customer Engagement on social media networks can take a number of forms. Which ones are most appropriate for you, depends on the nature of your industry and the behaviour of your prospects.

    All that tweeting, posting, blogging, friending, following and linking on social media expands your corporate’s SEO, branding and advertising marketing efforts into creating steady and powerful streams of targeted traffic and more visibility.

  • Our Knowledge of How to Get it Right

    From our experience, social media traffic can far outperform search engine traffic – in the order of 400%. IF DONE RIGHT. If you don’t do it right, you may see almost no result. This is why companies benefit from the help of specialist social media marketing consultants.

Interested in a free consultation with one of our social media marketing consultants, to talk about how you can benefit from social?

Our Hands-on Experience & Toolbox for Success, Accumulated over a Decade

Again, in the field of social media marketing, we have walked the walk before you and advice you with first hand knowledge of the pitfalls one could make, and the successes one can achieve. For example, one of our Pinterest account is growing steadily and was 65,000 followers strong last time we looked. That’s at a time when many brands find it hard to get Pinterest to work for them.

We provide you with social media marketing technology that we have personally used and favour. That’s in addition to our research, planning and implementation resources. All this, allows you to engage socially in a manageable way.

Interested to learn more?

We would be very happy to help you.

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