Marketing Sales

Salesforce launches #AI Einstein ABM – verrryy intelligent

Want a secret weapon to generate laser-targeted sales for your B2B company? Take note: Salesforce Einstein ABM (Account-Based Marketing) now offers B2B companies verrry Intelligent Marketing solutions, whereby they can target their most valuable accounts and deliver 1-to-1 personalised journeys that seamlessly bridge sales and marketing. What could be better?! :: Einstein ABM (Account-Based Marketing) […]

IT Marketing

Elevate Customer Journeys with LiveMessage (Salesforce for Messenger)

(Updated March 2019)  Wouldn’t it be great if you could  bring your prospects’ Facebook Messenger chats directly into Salesforce? And then – if appropriate – convert them into a sales? Or, pop them into a 10-week follow-up email marketing campaign? Or, completely handle their customer service case in Salesforce, right there and then?! Well, you […]