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Salesforce Lightning Benefits for Sales Reps & Business Managers (video)

Gain an overview of significant potential Salesforce Lightning benefits for Sales AEs and management, and learn how to best manage your migration to Lightning for more successful adoption and sales results. 2017 might well be the year to get serious about Lightning and start learning about it, experimenting, or build your own company’s Lightning Roadmap. We’re […]

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Elevate Customer Journeys with LiveMessage (Salesforce for Messenger)

(Updated March 2019)  Wouldn’t it be great if you could  bring your prospects’ Facebook Messenger chats directly into Salesforce? And then – if appropriate – convert them into a sales? Or, pop them into a 10-week follow-up email marketing campaign? Or, completely handle their customer service case in Salesforce, right there and then?! Well, you […]

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Salesforce Chatter as Social Intranet

Topic of the day: Salesforce Chatter. What is it? Short and sweet: Chatter is a business internal collaboration tool. It is embedded into the fundaments of your Salesforce customer-relationship management platform (CRM).  Salesforce offers you 500 free Chatter licenses with any new CRM purchase. So, in many cases: everyone in your company can use it […]

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Real-Time Decisions for Sales and Marketing. In Your Strategy Today?

For the past decade, companies have been increasingly caring about social media. They can after all, be really effective business communication channels. But they do mean real-time decisions for sales and marketing. Are you ready? Companies use it to increasing their demand generation strategies using Facebook Fan Pages, Corporate Twitter accounts, beautiful Pinterest photographs,  and […]