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CloudAnalysts consultants work with organisations ranging from mid-sized to large international companies. And nonprofits.


We are known throughout the UK and – to some degree – around the world as innovative leaders in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot – related marketing solutions.

We help customers realise converting customer engagement. (That really embraces Service Cloud & Communities as well)


While we enjoy working with all industries, our consultants have built particular expertise in solutions for Healthcare, Travel & leisure, and Financial services.

Learn more about other companies who have trusted us to help them propel their business forward with Salesforce.


In the context of Salesforce Success Stories.


Salesforce Sales Cloud & Pardot B2B Implementation


This global franchise organisation had ambitious growth aspirations.

To enable that growth, the new franchisee recruitment department was ‘crying out’ to move away from managing by spreadsheets, with data in silos, and because of lack of professional tools, its mostly tactical, ad hoc marketing efforts due to its limited insights and reporting possible on what worked and what didn’t.

The company was looking for a scalable, flexible solution that would support planned future growth around the globe.


We designed and implemented a bespoke Pardot and Sales Cloud setup that automated and supported the franchise sales process.

We trained both the Sales and Marketing on the use of Salesforce and Pardot, working with them also to create the assets they needed to be successful a.s.a.p. with their new platforms.

In addition, we training the marketing team in State-of-the-Art Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation, holding coaching/ workshop sessions to transform the company’s B2B marketing into a coherent sets of persona-based multi-channel marketing campaign executions that would work and could be measured and managed.


Let me just share a ‘thank you’ from a client I just received:

“Thanks for the last few months!”

“Hi Astrid,

I wanted to drop you a note to sincerely say thank you for all your hard work on this project over the past few months.”

“I think that I have an insight into just how much energy, effort and time you gave to making sure that we had a solution that met our needs, so thank you for that.”

“I am exceptionally proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time, and grateful for your insight into how we need to think differently about marketing and sales. “

“You are an exceptionally talented marketeer and you have helped me reframe my thinking about how we should be approaching sales and marketing. 

That has been very helpful for me and the last month has been the first step on a very exciting journey.”

“Overall, it has been hugely beneficial and I have enjoyed working with you 🙂 

Thanks again.”


Head of Operations and Franchise Development


How satisfied are you with your partner engagement?

How would you rate its overall value?

How do you rate the overall performance of the team?

How do you rate the Engagement Scoping to meet your objectives?

Kept you informed of the engagement status/progress?

Communicating solutions effectively?

Appropriately managing risk?

Applying Salesforce knowledge to your business needs?

Producing valuable outcomes

Ensuring you are enabled to maintain your solution(s) going forward?













Digital Transformation for Inbound and Content Marketing.


  • Digital Marketing Audit.
  • Market Research of Belgium B2B and B2C markets.
  • B2B and B2C Content Plans, with personas, themes, calendars, etc. linked to the Sales funnel and the Strategic Marketing Plan.
  • Pardot Setup / Inbound Marketing with Google Analytics Integration.
  • Ongoing Coaching & Training.


“Astrid from CloudAnalysts is passionate, positive, reliable and results-oriented; — a person you can trust and really build great achievements with.

She combines an advanced knowledge and an extensive experience in content marketing strategy, social media and marketing automation which makes her contribution extremely valuable.”

Anne Guillou, Content Strategist, Marketing Automation Manager, Engie Electrabel



Project A: We were assigned to migrate our client from Oracle to Marketing Cloud, while maintaining business continuity and marketing communication cadences.

WHAT WE DID – Project A

  • Set up Marketing Cloud org, with users, overall header/footer, sender authentication, etc.
  • Cleanse and Migrate data.
  • Set up data extensions for each of their audiences.
  • Configured 20+ easy-to-re-use email templates.
  • Hands-on training of the marketing team and Coaching of the IT team.
  • Orchestrated GoLive, with trouble shooting support and after care.

Project B: After that, we started the main project a complete Business Transformation assignment.

WHAT WE DID – Project B

  • integrated 14 different data sources into Marketing cloud, including Fonteva;
  • Delivered an innovative, comprehensive business solution.


“Exceptionally well-executed project”

CloudAnalysts did an excellent job designing and implementing our Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution within 2-3 weeks to swiftly migrate from Oracle Service Cloud ensuring business-continuity. Showing professionalism, commitment and care, they delivered: org set up, marketing staff trained, templates made for them, automations configured, data extensions prepared and tested.

I had concerns about whether it was possible to deliver this project in such a challenging timescale. The CloudAnalysts team worked tirelessly to deliver and all done with a week to spare! 

I hired them for a challenging second assignment as they have the expertise and are well equipped to implement it: This interim project laid the foundation for their current, highly innovative project of implementing a comprehensive solution with Marketing Cloud, Salesforce CRM, Dell Boomi, Fonteva and other data sources for sophisticated communication and marketing based on demographic-, behavioural- and preference- data; property site geolocation; facility utilisation; accounting; and more.

I highly recommend CloudAnalysts and will be working with them again on future projects. Their expertise and valuable insight ensured that the business received what it needed, not just what it thought it wanted.”




This global research, information and training company, for top management of large enterprises had been managed by really loyal staff.

Its enjoyed success however was not mirrored in a technological solution that matched the high calibre of business insights they provided to others, and hindered their progress internally.

Manual processes were to be replaced immediately.


We migrated this client from Dotdigital to Pardot Marketing Automation with Salesforce Integration, leveraging the campaign functionality to develop a match-up of internal business processes with external member communication steps.

Provided simple end-user training who needed to make that big step-up into the world of automation.

Matt Knight, Project Manager, for CEC – LEF Pardot consulting project


“Along with deep knowledge of Pardot, Astrid brought Marketing Strategy, Social Media and Content Marketing skills to the table.

I’d recommend her for your next Marketing Automation project.


Now is a time to innovate. Pave the road for tomorrow’s customer journeys.

With data-driven personalisation and intelligently automations, your omni-channel digital marketing can meet the customer when he needs it, where he needs it, and on the channel he wants — be that web, email, text, social, chat, retargeted ads or app-based communications.

While the customer’s in the driver’s seat, you’ll create the way.

Through digital marketing consulting, training and coaching, and mar-tech implementation, we’ll partner with you to realise success:

  1. Better-targeted Leads,
    with more New Clients.
  2. Transformed Client Engagement
    with Repeat and Referral business.
  3. Marketing Transformation.
  4. Improved Sales, Marketing and Service Effectiveness.
  5. Happier Customers, for life.

We would be delighted to discuss your needs to bring excellence to your sales, service and marketing.

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