The Best Email Marketing Packages for Small Business

Jun 3, 2022

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Email Marketing Packages for Small Business or Interim Solutions for others.

email marketing packages for small business
Email marketing packages for small business

We are proud & certified expert implementation consultants for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot. We deliver innovative B2C and B2B marketing automation solutions, using the best-of-breed platforms from Salesforce. Even for SME, we offer advanced, longer-term solutions integrated with the CRM. It’s why most of our site is dedicated to Salesforce marketing automation.

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For more basic email marketing packages, read on.

Salesforce-Integrated Email Marketing Packages for Small Business and Nonprofits

We have worked with / examined a handful of other email marketing packages for small business and non profits that can be integrated with Salesforce. Let’s discuss our top 4.

1. Campaign Monitor for Salesforce (Beaufort 12)

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce

While Pardot and Marketing Cloud remain our gold standard for integrated marketing automation platforms, at times, marketing ‘just wants to send out an email’, to a list, with no further ado. A journey is taken no further than a drip campaign. Sometimes, that’s all a marketing manager wants and needs.

If you want an easy-to-use email design editor, with some beautiful email templates and buttons that look professional on both a laptop and a phone, I have the answer for you. It’s called Campaign Monitor for Salesforce.

It’s an App that integrates so well with Salesforce that Campaign Monitor interface literally show up within Salesforce as an app. As you may know Campaign Monitor is a really inexpensive email sending solution, and the app is just marginally more than Campaign Monitor-standalone. Yet you get so much more if you let us help implement both. No comparison to using Zapier for basic updates. This App can extend the Campaign Monitor functionality, although how you configure things matter, of course.

You don’t have to worry about how to connect Campaign Monitor. We will be doing this all for you, so you can sync your contact data, manage your deal flow and automate your sales pipeline in Salesforce. Let us lead you to successful email engagement with Salesforce:


(Wonder which is better – MailChimp or Campaign Monitor for Salesforce? The answer is Campaign Monitor for Salesforce. While I quite like Mailchimp ‘s email editor and software overall, in Salesforce, Mailchimp is clunky and does not look like Mailchimp at all!)

Standalone Email Marketing Packages for Small Business

Sometimes organisations need a short-term email interim solution, e.g. while we prep their fully integrated Marketing Cloud suite for integration with social ads, look alike audiences and Google Analytics 360.

Also very small companies, such as real startups, may not yet justify the Salesforce entry price points. That’s fine. To service clients in these situations, here are three alternatives to Salesforce:

1. aWeber

email marketing packages for small business

We have been working with aWeber for 15 years. We seen them morph from a mere email sending tool into a much friendlier and fuller featured email marketing platform that has actually become quite nice. So good, really, that we have an affiliate program running with them.

aWeber is affordable. Pricing depends on the number of subscribers in your database:

  • $20-70/mth for 0-10K subscribers
  • $149 /mth for 10K-25K
  • Get a quote for more.

The # of subscribers you can import without any ado is 10K/mth. Over that, the aWeber import team will review the import. That process takes < 1 business day, so that’s nothing to worry about.

Sounds interesting? We’re happy to demo its features, but why bother if instead, you can get a free trial.


30 days risk-free trial of all features; 14% off for quarterly payment.

2. Hubspot

Hubspot has been around for a long time, catering to small business marketers.

We like Hubspot to move away from using spreadsheets. The Sales team can get organised, efficient and supported with sales tools, and everyone in the company can see what Marketing actually does all day, boosting intra-company collaboration.

At CloudAnalysts, we are Hubspot certified. Some of our certs:

Hubspot certified consultant
Hubspot certified consultant UK

3. ConstantContact

email marketing packages for small business

ConstantContact is suitable for very small businesses. Pricing is based on which plan (features) you need as well as # of subscribers.

Their basic ‘Email’ plan starts at $20/mth (£15) for 500 active contacts, while advanced ‘Email Plus’ plan starts at $45/month (£30).

Sounds cheap? When you dig deeper, and reflect on your actual subscriber numbers, it can add up. If you have for example 10-15K subscribers, your cost will be $195/month.

Importing subscribers can be done via a range of file formats spreadsheet (XLS, XLSX, CSV) file, vCard File (VCF), or a text file (TXT).  Files with 40K+ contacts may cause import errors, ConstantContact notes and are to be broken down into smaller lists.



Constant Contact offers a 30-day-trial (no credit card required) & 30-day money back guarantee.

4. GetResponse

Another well-known email marketing solution for small business. We have a running affiliate program but I haven’t use them first hand myself.

Their pricing is as elastic as gum, and ranges from $50 to $1200/month for 10K contacts, depending on package (features) and # of subscribers. You’ll probably want to have at least the features of ‘Professional’ package at $125/month. 1-2 year prepayment can give you 18-30% discount.

They allow single opt-ins and list imports. While this may sound good, it will attract people who are less moral than you and the overall sender reputation and deliverability of the platform may suffer. This is something that’s actually rather important but somewhat of a ‘hidden’ factor.

Want to have a look?


30 days, risk-free

5. UpMail

Last but not least, we’re friends with UpMail. UpMail is a small email marketing package dedicated to the hotel industry, mostly for sending beautiful 1:1 email to the guests of beautiful hotels.

UpMail works in Gmail! It’s not intended to compete with any of the above package, nor with Salesforce; UpMail lives in a nice niche all of its own. And it seems to be doing great for small hotel chains.

Check them out. If you like them, contact me and I’ll introduce you to ensure you’ll get a really good deal and personal service.

Your journey with Email Marketing Packages for Small Business?

That’s it for alternative email marketing packages for small business to Salesforce Pardot or Marketing Cloud. Use any of the links above to go directly to the page where you can sign up for a free trial and get started. If you need assistance, we’re here to help.

Are you ready for any marketing automation package integrated with Salesforce? Contact us for a complementary initial consultation, or casual chat, with one of our expert consultants, and a perhaps a demo:

Interested to learn more?

We would be very happy to help you.

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