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We’re proud to announce that we have been NOMINATED for the UK BLOG AWARDS, which recognises the Best Digital Talent of UK Industry for blogging & social media achievements.
UK blog awards – CloudAnalysts

Following a public vote, a Jury for the UK blog awards will review entries and make the final decisions. Announcements are in April 2018.

#UKBA18 @UKBlogAwards, blogging on #Salesforce and #DigitalMarketing.

UK Blog Awards Event and After Party

Blog Awards are given to ‘the best’ blog in a given category. The category your blog can qualify for usually influences the resulting list of finalists dramatically. So will it alter your chance of winning the awards. If your site is matched against others which have 100 fold your marketing budget, then it’s usually an easy choice for the panel of judges.

If it is a good blog award organisation, then the criteria for winning are clear and distinguishable.

I still remember being invited to the Webby Awards in Silicon Valley, many moons ago. The prestige of the Webby Awards are ‘of another league’ – no comparison to the the UK blog awards. These awards were surrounded by some very fierce competition.

Webby Awards go out to sites like, and, IDEO and TechCrunch, i.e. those with large dedicated web design teams. It’s really inspiring to walk through the gallery of past winners and runner ups.

Nonetheless, it was nice to do something local here in the UK also, and make friends in the process. We had a fabulous time at the after party with cementing relationships with business friends. We have been collaborating since the event, to ensure the most qualified consultants are put forward, for every assignments. So, it certainly has been a win.

What’s up for 2020-2021? It seems that in 2020, the UK Blog Award organisation is taking a break.

So has the Blogosphere awards, which seem to start collecting invites in February, and MAD blog awards (mom and dad influencers), invites in January. So, we’ll have to wait for the next time.