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What are Einstein Bots and why should you care?

Einstein Bots – What exactly are they? Generally speaking, a bot is an autonomous program on the internet that interacts with clients, users, or systems.  Think of it as a computer chess player. A ‘person’ to learn a new language with, online. Or an online customer service rep (chatbot) to sort getting your faulty new shoes replaced.

Salesforce Einstein Bots

The Salesforce Einstein bots are chatbots. They are part of Salesforce’s overall artificial intelligence solution. A chatbot is an application that simulates human conversation via text messages or even in spoken language.

You might be thinking: which customer wants to talk to a computer, instead of a real human being? Well, … I do, at times, and this is why:

Chatbots are made to be highly efficient. They don’t waste my time. In the way they communicate with me, they get the mission critical info right onto the table. 

Without being too confrontational, they quickly bring the conversation to: what type of shoe you have, what’s your size, what’s the problem, when and where did you buy them, still have the receipt?, can you take a photo of the problem? 

Chatbots for Customer Service

“Hello! Can I help you?”  — Salesforce Einstein Bot

It gets my faulty shoe problem resolved, lightning-fast. It’s possible to set the bot (and related artificial intelligence and automations) up so that it compare the picture of my shoe with what that shoe is supposed to look like. Then, it can classify it as faulty, and I can have a new pair send to me. 

Quite likely, before the replacement shipping info is send to the warehouse, a Customer Service rep (a real person) might look my case over, via an approval process, and veto or approve the transaction.  Can it get any faster? Barely so.  That’s what I like, as customer: Efficient communication and efficient customer service resolution process.

It’s also desirable from a business point of view, particularly when this efficiency also boosts customer service ratings (and thus future sales). Let me explain:

The beauty of chatbots is that a customer service team can handle way more customers at the same time.  Bots do a lot of their work and can (almost) completely solve their easiest cases. For the harder cases and more costly case resolutions, the human rep can still get involved. But resolution will be faster as he, eh.. or she will have all the required info already collected from the customer, thanks to the bot.

If you have Salesforce Service Cloud, you are already halfway there. Enable and configure LiveMessage and Snap-in. Then get its Einstein Bots to work for you.

If you don’t have Salesforce Service Cloud yet, let us quickly set this up for you, so you can be in the game with all the best goodies to deliver great customer service.

Chatbots for Sales

So bots are great to chat with customers for customer service delivery. o one said that chatbots are solely for customer service: they are equally great to chat with new prospects.

An effective customer experience can be created, if prospects can use a chatbot to ‘self-serve’: via conversational language search and get answers to their general purchasing-related questions.  

At some point, the prospect will be ready to talk to a Sales rep. By that time, the prospect will be close to purchasing, and already knows your company and products.

Reach for the Stars with Bots

I mean, reach for 5 stars. Honestly, the sky is the limit on how useful and brand building your chatbots can be for your organisation. You can really bring both your sales and service processes up from good to great. A chatbot can print text an answer to simple questions, but they also post a most engaging video link that talks about some of the more complex aspects of your products.

Get Set for Einstein Bots

Salesforce is all about ‘clicks not code’ when it comes to software setup. But there is a limit to what you can expect from your inhouse Salesforce Administrator. Configuring a chatbot is something where hiring a consultancy like CloudAnalysts can get you set up faster and better, as we can smoothly guide you through the process and deal with technical aspects of it all.

Often some time is needed for your business departments to amend their sales or service processes. Someone needs to create content assets to take advantage of new Salesforce technology, such as chatbots. And you’ll need to set up an optimisation process, that will periodically improves the setup.

We at CloudAnalysts are experts at identifying what will work best for a particular client and veering them to the most -befitted path for success. We start with embedding best practices for conversation design into your basic chat bot- idea. Often the best path means a relatively simple configuration to get started, and a roadmap for further technological integration, more advanced data mapping, etc.

Soon, Every Business will have a Bot

Chatbots for Customer Service, Chatbots for Sales, …
all the way to ….. Chatbots to find the best coffee shop near you.

There is no doubt about it that many businesses will soon start experimenting with chatbots.

 “Chatbots will power 85% of all customer service interactions by 2020.”

said Gartner, a few years ago. It’s almost 2020, and indeed, many companies have some sort of chat /chatbot functionality on their website.

If you read this far into the article, you are probably interested in adopting artificial intelligence for your organisation. What would you do like to your chatbot to do for you? If you have a clear picture of a goal you wish to accomplish, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to help you make it a reality.

What? No Chatbot Goal just Yet?

Why you should care about bots – Hint: they care for you.

Not having a minimum artificial intelligence strategy is rather dangerous.

If Gartner is right with that prediction, it means that your customers – in just a year from now – will start having conversations with your competitor, and not with you. So today is the time to

— an Salesforce #AI solution