What are the Salesforce Characters?

Well-known in the Ohana, Salesforce presenters often refer to an ever-growing list of Salesforce Characters. But here are still many people who are new to the Salesforce world, and don’t have a clue what they’re about!

If you’re new to Salesforce, you’ll soon figure out that these grown-ups are referring to cartoon animals or soft toy figures! And not just once, but these cartoons are all over their Salesforce presentation materials.

So, if you recently sat there and wondered “What animal is Appy Salesforce?” or ‘Who or what is Salesforce Einstein?” …. instead of listening to the presenter’s content,… it’s time for you to familiarise yourself with the wide family of beloved Salesforce Characters.

The whole idea behind it all is that the Salesforce mascots make learning all the dry coding stuff a lot more fun. But meanwhile, each sales force character actually represents a kind of Persona in the Salesforce eco-system. They hope you might find one you can identify with.

Meet the Salesforce Characters Family

This family set of characters that look like animals came about when Salesforce started building Trailhead. Number one was Astro.

Meet Astro, the Tanuki

Astro has been the most popular Salesforce mascot to date. He/She’s YOUR GUIDE to Salesforce. He/She represents that Salesforce persona who helps others to learn Salesforce.

He/she’s featured in pretty much every presentation by Salesforce today.

He’s been dressed up in just about every costume imaginable: as an astronaut, a scientist, a doctor, and so on. Every year or so, he gets a new Halloween costume.

Kind Lionheart Astro, who’s on a mission!

Astro has siblings too. Introduced July 2016, Lionheart Astro supports nonprofit, educational, and philanthropic organisations to realise their social mission, to its max. potential. If you’re working hard to make the world a better place, it’s useful to have a championing character or mascot! That’s Lionheart Astro, with a bold voice, lots of courage, and a heart of gold. He/She’s your guide to all things nonprofit, and the community around it, such as CloudAnalysts, who have taken the 1% pledge.

Meet Einstein, Resident Genius

He stands for Artificial Intelligence. And being really smart, of course. He seeks the future.

While he’s often featured with lots of fun attributes, he’s always teaching, it appears.

The cartoon is nicer than its plush toy version.

How we’ve featured ‘Salesforce Einstein AI’ at CloudAnalysts.

Glamorous Brandy

Brandy the Fox is the Salesforce’s character introduced on August 12, 2021! She personifies all of us marketers in the Salesforce ecosystem!!! That’s us!! Brandy help us get the best out of our challenges, experiences and journeys – regarding all things Marketing with Salesforce.

As marketing with Salesforce increasingly means realising moments that matter on the customer journey, Brandy helps us marketers make amazing, one-of-a-kind customer experiences. The kind of experiences that inspire long-term customer relationships.

Brandy’s Other Traits

Approachable: she embodies the trust and can-do attitude of Trailblazers. Her large ears are listening for any marketer’s needs.

Adaptable: Just like a wild fox, Brandy adapts with ease and agility to changes and new surrounding.

With a Good Sense for timing: Brandy knows when and where to deliver to deliver the content and experiences your customers are expecting. Her fancy watch helps here with spot on delivery!

Courageous, resourceful, and experience journey traveler: knows how to get the most from every stop she makes along the way.

Like any good fox, she’s calculating, or put differently … Analytical: Brandy’s curious and easily spots useful information to develop new and innovating strategies. She uses all available information to cross into new terrains. Foxy!

Moving: Brandy is always on the move towards her next goal or challenge!

And that sums up Brandy.

Appy, the Popcat

A slightly newer character. She looks like a girl-guide cat with glasses.

Appy is focused on forging partnerships. Her ‘connector’ personality type enables her to do so. Plus, she knows lots about Salesforce and all of you in the Salesforce eco-system.

Codey, the Bear

Codey is the big cuddly bear who loves coding getting his paws dirty in code and config. He is to inspire builders and makers, aka Developers!

See how we featured Codey and Koa at our article with Highlights of the Salesforce Summer-19 Release.

Cloudy, the Goat

Salesforce Mascots – Cloudy, the goat, dancing

Not the clearest of personas, this Salesforce character personified as a white mountain goat.

He is associated with innovative app builders.

Kinda cute!

Meet Blaze, the Wolf, and your trusted companion on the path to success.

This is one of the last characters added to the family and not often seen alone. Maybe because she’s the one who loves teamwork.

About her persona: “Faithful, nurturing, intelligent, and trustworthy, Blaze is a born leader who knows a thing or two about safely navigating the wild. She’ll help you jump over obstacles, move around barriers, and clearly see the path forward.

As Salesforce consultants who help clients achieve business transformation success, we love Blaze as our favourite mascot!

Hootie, the Owl

Salesforce Characters Hootie Mcowlface

Hootie was an early bird on the scene, and must beloved by me. I featured here in all my presentations for Salesforce University course deliveries. This adorable owl represents knowledge, skills and credentials.

Earnie, the Badger

The trailblazing Badger! He’s the one who wants to collect all badges on Trailhead.

Well, with 200+ badges to my name personally, I still can not say I do identify with Earnie, but I know he’ll be just right for some. And I DO like the fact that he’s shown here serving up breakfast for Trailblazing Salesforce learners… I wonder if that’s maple sirup on top…. Mmmm…

“Always be learning”

Those are really the most commonly featured characters. But when you see larger Trailhead family photos, you might also see ….

Koa, the Dog

He’s really cute, like a loyal golden retriever. No wonder that his nickname is ‘Chief Love Officer’. Adorable.

Salesforce created a prestigious club, the Koa Club, recognising employees who have gone the distance with Salesforce.

Max, the Mule

Never heard of him? Well, he’s your integration one-stop-shop animal. Hint, hint,… invented after the acquisition of… Mulesoft?! Don’t get roasted like a marshmallow, use Mulesoft instead for your Salesforce integrations.

Meta, the Moose

He personifies the Engineering Architect. Yeah, that’s why you don’t see him so often.

Ruth, the Salesforce Architect

This character is even rarer. And yep, not cute. (I wonder… if we study salesforce so much, will we never get of out chair and grow into an elephant… No, that can’t be right. )

Of course, the elephant persona refers to the fact that elephants tend to be friendly and have amazing memories!!!!

Ruth embodies the Salesforce Ohana spirit with her Hawaiian shirt and lay. However, Ruth needs a bit of fashion advice, I think. Perhaps she looks like what people imagine when they think of a woman with a Master Degree in Salesforce.

Regardless of what you might think, Ruth is to be a ‘gender neutral’ character and stands for:

R — Responsible — taking ownership
U — Universal — being global-minded
T — Technical — having a solution-ing mindset
H — Humble — caring & sharing knowledge with others in the Ohana.

And that’s the whole family!

Oh, no, there’s one more that deserves an honourable mention:

The ‘Ancestor’ to the family of Salesforce Characters

Saasy, the ‘No Software’ -mascot

It all started with Salesforce’s ‘NoSoftware’-icon being envisioned as a character costume for events. It was Salesforce’s first character who would be walking around on conferences for unique, fun visitor photos.

All the other characters followed since as event photo ops.

One of the many event photos made over the years with favourite Salesforce Mascots.

What Character will be Next?

Can you guess? I have some ideas… We guessed foxy. Maybe because we’re marketeers. That’s what we’re good at. Talk to us about ideas for your new digital marketing.