What is Salesforce?

Jan 24, 2024

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What is Salesforce? A pioneer in CRM and cloud computing. It stands for being a true innovator as #1 cloud-based customer-success platform to help organisations connect with customers and grow their business.

What is Salesforce used for?

From our experience as seasoned Salesforce partners, Salesforce is used to solve almost any business problem that involves customers directly, or indirectly.

Today, with all its clouds, cross-cloud capabilities and further possible software integration, anything from supply-chain challenges, business processes, marketing, sales, service, finance – anything can be addressed.

As Salesforce can be used by all kinds of business people, it has developed a mascot for each type of user [What are the Salesforce Characters].

Salesforce CRM Sales Cloud Lightning
Image Source: 2024

One Platform, Many Cloud Solutions

The Salesforce platform embeds an array of clouds – most importantly:

Salesforce Customer 360 View
Image source: Salesforce

The pivot: a 360º Customer View

Providing companies a 360º view of its customers is a core objective around many Salesforce solutions pivot. It is often enabled by a cross-cloud implementation. But it does not have to start there. We can start simple.

Who are we, CloudAnalysts?

CloudAnalysts should be on your list of top Salesforce Implementation consultants in the UK to work with. Our boutique consultancy is registered on the AppExchange at Salesforce. We are based in London, UK, but we operate worldwide, with clients in the EU and all throughout the UK. We help companies create innovative, customer-centric solutions with Salesforce and Pardot.

Our core expertise lies in realising cross-cloud projects and your transformation towards more customer-centricity.

It works for us: Our dedication to your success is what has given our boutique Salesforce consultancy our excellent reputation. 99% of our clients find us by word-of-mouth.

Typically, the results of our work is a success change reaction: insightful data > newly designed, intelligent customer journeys >  better sales, service and marketing > happier, more loyal clients > ROI boost.

We’re not just tech.

With advanced degrees and decades of technology experience under our belt, we help to have the software ‘come alive’ for your business.  We guide you to create that single customer view for a more complete understanding of your customers. We encourage your company to change, and become a more customer-centred, efficient organisation. We’ll work with you to gain financial rewards from your Salesforce investment so the system pays for itself. And more. As you wish for, and your organisation needs it.

Nucleus Research found that, for every $1 spent on their CRM, companies get $8.71 return. This kind of ROI does not happen by itself.  You must put your CRM to work. And that’s what we help you do:

  • Business & Change Management around technology innovation: business goals and objectives, user-personas with their epics and user stories, the process of change – ensuring adoption
  • Business Transformation: Process Design & Architecture
  • CRM Technology Implementation: Design, Develop, Deploy & Deliver
  • User Enablement: Project Management, Training & Onboarding, Ongoing Support.

Ready to Improve Your Customer Service & Efficiency, Marketing, Lead-Generation or Sales?

We can configure the platform to help your business become that data-driven, intelligently growing and increasingly efficient company that we’re talking about here, which puts its customers at the heart of everything you do. Like that idea?


If you are an existing user, we can do an audit of your org (25 metrics and future objectives) and run an optimisation & potential enhancement workshop with you to help you get most benefits from your CRM and marketing automation investment.

Interested to learn more?

We would be very happy to help you.