London Salesforce B2C or Marketing Cloud User Group

Mar 23, 2017

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London Salesforce Marketing Cloud User Group

As the established London Marketing Cloud User Group, we’re excited to offer you and other wider London-based Digital Marketeers a great monthly venue to share ideas, trends, tips and inspiration with other Salesforce Marketing Cloud users to support companies with fantastic state-of-the-art digital marketing campaigns and customer journeys.

This London meet-up is both consultant- and peer-driven and we encourage you to bring your questions as well as share your own best practices and lessons learnt.

Next Salesforce B2C London Event

We hold monthly events, which can also be found on the Salesforce community website.

Date & time Wednesday, 22 June 2022, 6:00 PM BST – 8.30
We know many of you want to get ahead with your marketing career. Being on top of MarTech (marketing technology) is critical for success (no matter where you are in your marketing career path, or Salesforce career for that matter.) You probably need to get certified to be considered for next roles, but you probably don’t need .. all certifications…. ?!
These days there is soo much information out there, it can be a bit daunting as causing inaction: where to start to get certified?!

Here is your golden opportunity to see the forest from the trees:
This Wednesday, Jimson Lee, will give a talk on Demystifying Certifications & Accreditations at our Salesforce Marketing Cloud User Group in London. Jimson is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Practice Lead @ CloudAnalysts | Aryta Ltd as well as the User Group Leader (..since 2017!!)
Jimson Lee will speak about Certifications, Accreditations and Trailhead. If you are looking at getting certified, be sure not to miss this session.
Focus will be on the:
– the 4 Marketing Cloud Certifications, 
– the 2 Pardot Certifications,
– the B2C Architect Certifications.
– the numerous Accreditations you see on LinkedIn.
– which Trailhead trails are best, along with resources to get you started.

6: We’ll start with an extended networking session were you can meet and talk with both your Pardot and Marketing Cloud peers! We will also be running activities during this time to get conversations started between everyone.
8.30: Home time (or pub time for those who wish to continue!)

7 More London Riverside
London, SE1 2RT


Every month we run talk and discussion on a specific marketing cloud topic, e.g.

Using Mobile Connect (SMS) and Marketing Cloud

Date & time Thu, Jun 25 2020 — 6:00 PM (BST)

About this Meetup on  Using Mobile Connect (SMS) and Marketing Cloud

We will be fully online for this meeting. We will be keeping it to an hour as we know there are a lot of different demands on people’s time. We hope you will be able to join us, but we realise this time will not work for everyone so the session will be recorded.

While we are not able to meet in person, we can still connect between meetings in the Trailblazer Community If you have not done so already, please join the group and add a profile picture.

Details about the content of this session will follow shortly.

– Welcome
– PSA (public service announcements)
– Mobile Connect (SMS) with Florin Valean, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solution Architect
– Q&A/Discussion
– Wrap Up

** The link for the event will be sent via email on the day of the event. **

Assembly of Past Marketing Cloud Meetups & Videos

We are proud to record the most influential talks on Marketing Cloud. Last month’s session:

London Salesforce Marketer (Marketing Cloud) Group, May ’22

With Al Iverson of Kickbox (formerly SFMC):

>> Click here for past meetup videos

Further Marketing Cloud Resources

If you are considering purchasing Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we’d be glad to assist you. Feel free to contact directly.

If you’re  completely new to this particular digital marketing platform, you might enjoy reading some of our in-depth articles such as  ‘What does Salesforce Marketing Cloud do?’ and then contact us.

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